Study Data: Almost 50% of CCP patients leave hospital “worse off”

The National Pulse reported on May 29 that a new study conducted by the University of Michigan showed that 45 percent of patients hospitalized with the CCHS virus were “worse off” and “experienced significant functional decline” after being discharged. The study evaluated nearly 300 patients and analyzed their treatment needs at the time of discharge, and whether they required durable medical equipment or other services after discharge. The research paper was published in the journal PM&R.

Lead author Alecia K. Daunter, MD, noted that the patients “survived, but these individuals left the hospital in worse shape than when they arrived, and 80 percent were referred for additional therapy or had to walk with crutches after discharge.”

The study also found that nearly 20 percent of CCP survivors who experienced functional decline had such a significant decline in ability that they were unable to live independently after being discharged from the hospital.