Academician poured cold water: a country, region can not make lithography…

2021 Fifth International Conference on Big Data Science and Engineering was held in Guiyang, Chinese Academy of Engineering member Wu Hanming said at the conference, a top-end EUV lithography machine inside about 100,000 parts, the price is about more than 100 million U.S. dollars, the global supplier is more than 5,000, EUV lithography is done through the integration of technology around the world. From the analysis of the entire lithography composition, the U.S. light source accounted for 27%, the Dutch cavity and the British vacuum accounted for 32%, the Japanese materials accounted for 27%, the German optical system accounted for 14%. It can be said that photolithography is a globalization crystallization, and it is unrealistic to let a country or a region do a photolithography.

About photolithography, I believe that these two years care about science and technology of the country are more or less understand some, photolithography, the English name Mask Aligner, also called mask alignment exposure machine, lithography system, exposure system, etc., is the core equipment for manufacturing chips. Photolithography uses a technology similar to photofinishing to print the fine graphics on the mask plate onto the silicon wafer through exposure of light.

At present, the world’s most advanced lithography machine is of course EUV lithography, EUV lithography machine can realize the development of cutting-edge processes, but the only company that can produce EUV lithography machine, not the U.S. company, but the Dutch company Asmac. EUV lithography machine due to scarcity, has been in short supply, and EUV lithography machine production is extremely complex, the annual production of less than 30 units, each unit The price of each EUV lithography machine is as high as hundreds of millions of dollars.

In the past two years, due to well-known reasons, the development of China’s high-tech industry has been greatly affected, which Huawei’s impact is great. Due to the chip cut-off, the cell phone business is rapidly shrinking, and its design of international standard chips, precisely because there is no domestic high-grade photolithography machine, and thus can only be sealed can not be produced.

Because of this, the stock market in 2020 exploded the concept of photolithography, and even photoresist concept stocks were exploded, the production of photolithography is obviously not a company’s business, it is a national matter, and only by concentrating the country’s strength is it possible to integrate the success of research and development.

But the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Wu Hanming’s statement, no doubt to everyone’s enthusiasm poured a pot of cold water. I believe that as an academician, such words are not credible, but there is no doubt that the future of high-tech blockade of China by developed economies in Europe and the United States will not weaken in the short term, and it seems that we have only their own efforts to research and development this one way to go.

But in any case, we should reflect on the fact that since 2000, the world’s high-tech development has been rapid, while many of our regions seem to be addicted to speculation to get rich, and localities are eager to sell land for development and make money quickly. In the field of high-tech development, objectively speaking, although we have made great progress, but relative to Europe and the United States is still a little slow.

Let’s take a look at the high-tech companies born or developed in the United States in the past 20 years, Intel, Qualcomm, Amazon, Google, facebook, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. Even we put huge subsidies into the development of new energy vehicles, the head company is still the United States Tesla. The market value of these companies is high in the U.S. stock market at the forefront, supporting the U.S. constantly record high bull market, and our A shares, the largest market value is that a few banks, liquor and other enterprises.

No matter how, science and technology is the first productive force, will never go out of fashion, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wu Hanming’s words, is right or wrong, can only be left to time to test, but how is still the explosion of real estate economic development model, then Wu Hanming’s words, should not be opposed ……