Scholars laugh at Hu Xijin nuclear bunker fears no place for him, exposes Zhongnanhai nuclear bunker secrets

On May 27, Hu Xijin of the Global Times posted an article on his Weibo account, saying that the Chinese Communist Party “must be prepared for a high-intensity showdown between China and the U.S.” and that it should increase the number of long-range missiles and nuclear warheads to make the U.S. “tremble in fear. Hu’s comments prompted mainland scholars to ridicule him: Are you sure there is a place for you in the nuclear bunker?

In response to Hu Xijin’s comments, Renmin University professor Zhang Ming tweeted: “Hu Xijin is again calling for China to fight a nuclear war with the United States, and when there is a conflict, send nuclear weapons. Are you sure that the United States does not have as many nuclear weapons as China? Once the fight starts, you conclude that there is a place for you in the nuclear bunker?”

Rong Jian, a mainland scholar, tweeted: Hu is not only a war wolf, but also a war lunatic, he issued a mobilization order for nuclear war and won 19,000 likes, really powerful! Professor Zhang Ming asked Hu editor: If there is a nuclear war, is there a place for you in the nuclear bunker? The question is really good, I do not know how Hu editor will answer.

Some netizens also ridiculed: “Still need to ask Hu Xijin an old question: the children and grandchildren of the PLA do not know whether they are in New York, or Washington, where to send the nuclear warheads of this East Wind and Giant Wave! “Don’t dream.”

Hu Xijin, who has long controlled the Global Times, is now considered a big hit at the top of the Communist Party, and Hong Kong’s Ming Pao has quoted sources as saying that Hu’s propaganda approach has been affirmed by Xi Jinping, the Communist Party’s general secretary, who has asked the Communist Party’s propaganda system to follow suit. This is said to be because of his playful and rambunctious attitude toward his opponents.

It is known that in the event of a real nuclear war, the top echelons of the CCP have already prepared nuclear bunkers.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported on January 7, 2018 that a government-funded geological survey found that a nuclear bunker for the top Communist Party leadership, its subordinates, troops and staff was buried in limestone caverns more than 2 kilometers deep underground. These caverns lie beneath unusually hard and thick rock formations.

The bunker is located beneath the Xishan National Forest Park, about 20 kilometers northwest of the Communist Party’s central government headquarters (Zhongnanhai) in Beijing, in a group of caverns that resembles a small city.

The bunker facility is part of the Joint Operations Command Center (JOC) of the Communist Party’s Central Military Commission, the report said. In the event of a serious threat such as a nuclear strike, the top leaders of the CCP would be able to access the bunker from Zhongnanhai, their headquarters, without having to travel too far.

Several such underground facilities are believed to have been built throughout China since the 1950s, but their exact location is a military secret.

The September 2014 issue of Canada’s Hanwha Defense Review monthly magazine also revealed that the Joint Commission of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Military Command was located at the Xishan Command Post, where the Operations Bureau of the Joint Staff Department of the CPC Central Military Commission is now located, at a location hundreds of meters deep underground in Jinshan (also known as Dazhao Mountain), southwest of Dongsi Tomb Village in Haidian District, Beijing, and could withstand a nuclear strike.

The bunker’s interior was first revealed to the world in official reports on April 20, 2016, when Xi Jinping visited the revamped Joint Command of the Military Commission for the first time under the title “Commander-in-Chief of the Joint Command of the Military Commission.