Secret agent father’s safety advice to protect his daughter Internet buzz

A young woman shared her father’s safety advice on social media, attracting a large number of readers. Intriguingly, her father was an agent. She said her father’s words saved her life.

The woman, Lauren Bell of Pennsylvania, runs a women’s apparel store. In the video, she shares her father’s wise safety advice. There is no idealism or warmth in the words, and her father takes a hard-edged tone to start the conversation.

Lauren Bell, who has a secret agent father. (Courtesy of Lauren Bell)

Her father’s advice included, “Nothing good happens after 11 p.m.,” “Don’t go out for your morning run before 8 a.m.,” and “Always be aware of what’s going on around you,” “In Miami, no one is your friend.”

With the safety of his young daughter in mind, he also presented street wisdom for socializing in the city. He recommends only ordering bottled drinks at bars and restaurants because “they’re harder to drug” and if the situation is urgent, pepper spray should be “in your hand, not in your bag.

Daytime is not always safer than nighttime when out and about, says Agent Dad.

Pepper spray. (Walter Eric Sy/Shutterstock)

Another video offers more advice. “If you suspect you are being followed, walk forward and then turn right four times,” and “Let your close friends know your whereabouts at all times. When, where, and with whom you are.”

He added that men usually “don’t ask for help” and that bumping into the same man multiple times is suspicious. Thanks to this statement, Lauren was able to wisely get rid of a suspicious suitor.

Here’s what happened: In 2014, she was shopping at Marshalls, just a mile from her home; she bumped into the same man multiple times. He wasn’t pushing a shopping cart. She became suspicious.

The Marshalls store near Lauren’s home. (Google Maps)

The strange man was also near her at the checkout, with the rope in his hand, when she remembered her father’s words.

“I turned around and started staring at him.” She explained. “I locked eyes with him. My father taught me that people can change their clothes and their hairstyles, but birthmarks and tattoos are permanent.” It was then that Lauren noticed the man had an eagle tattoo on his right calf.

The man checked out and left before she did, but Lauren soon found out: the man was waiting for her in the parking lot. He asked her to model, dangled money in front of her and tried to lure her to his car.

Schematic of woman being followed. (Shutterstock)

Lauren did not walk toward her car, as doing so would have revealed her license plate. She ran toward a car that was pulling into a parking lot. Stunned, the stranger left the scene. On her father’s advice, she then reported the incident to the police.

The danger could have happened anywhere, at any time, she said. “It was a Sunday, 16:45, super close to home.”

“Thank God I was aware (of the danger and remembered my dad’s words).” She added.

Lauren’s video has been viewed by millions, delivering words of wisdom from Agent Dad to children everywhere.