He Exposed China Vaccine Evaluation: Still Want to Take a Chance?

The epidemic is heating up in the country, and the number of confirmed cases in the local community is in triple digits in the past few days, and the number of deaths is increasing sharply. Many people have expressed their hope that the central government can replenish the vaccine as soon as possible and win the battle by administering the vaccine, otherwise the medical capacity may not be able to carry the load anymore. In response, the central government said that it has purchased nearly 30 million doses of vaccines, whether purchased externally or domestically, and will arrive in batches in the future for the people of China to administer.

In response to the vaccine, some people in China have proposed that the Chinese vaccine should be opened up, which has sparked heated debates from all walks of life. In response, Jiang Mingxin, the director of a well-known furniture company with good relations with mainstream politics and business in the U.S., said, “Chinese vaccines have more negative reviews than good reviews internationally, so do you still dare to get them?” It was emphasized that national health cannot be joked and politicized.

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic in Taiwan, for days everyone also for the vaccine issue, the United States in the end off not care about the epidemic in Taiwan and other discussions, and even some people questioned the recent government claims that Taiwan-US relations are very good, “then why the United States does not sell vaccines to Taiwan?” Yu Shan Furniture and Casual Home Worldwide Inc. chairman and director of the World Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Federation Ming Chiang said in an interview that, as far as he understands, the U.S. attitude is actually quite concerned and positive, and even a number of U.S. lawmakers called on the Biden administration to give priority to Taiwan vaccines, and even U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken Blinken) also repeatedly stated that “Taiwan’s stability is very important to the Biden administration’s Asia policy.”

As for why Taiwan’s vaccine purchases are so low-profile and confidential, Jiang Mingxin revealed that because of the need to carefully prevent “orders from being ‘blocked,'” both sides are handling the situation with extra caution, “In fact, many of the vaccines procured is supplied from the United States, and can supply the time, the core officials are also clear, but really just to avoid what ‘what if’, can only wait until it is ready to be exposed.” Jiang Mingxin also said that the next vaccines will arrive in Taiwan one after another, calling on everyone at this time should be more united, trust the government, do not let the epidemic messed up, etc.. Jiang Ming even stressed that the U.S. attitude has never been “cold”, revealing that some lawmakers even suggested that the vaccines in stock be sent to Taiwan as a way to thank the U.S. for the help given by Taiwan during the outbreak, “Seriously, how the U.S. government wants to help Taiwan, in fact, through many channels, but to be so clear, you have to The U.S. government can actually help Taiwan through many channels, but to be so clear, there are many things to consider, such as a direct gift, it may be necessary to consider the reaction of the people of the country, so of course it is not possible to have any big action from the U.S. government at a moment’s notice.”

▼Ming Chiang, chairman of the board, has good relations with the mainstream political circles in the U.S. and often speaks up for Taiwan through his contacts and channels. (Photo/Provided by Ming Chiang)

In fact, the Chinese vaccine has been discussed internationally, and “the negative comments are more than positive, and some countries have even stopped administering it, so shouldn’t people think about why? If there are so many problems and doubts, then why take that risk?” Jiang Mingxin stressed that the nation’s health should not be politicized, and that more thought should really be given when advocating the opening of the Chinese vaccine, “in addition to the riskiness, I believe it will also cause international and diplomatic concern.”

Talking about the epidemic situation in Taiwan, Jiang Mingxin called for “really, really don’t be nervous!” Sharing his own situation when he returned to Taiwan from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, he said that Taiwan has done a really good job in preventing the epidemic, and Taiwanese people are also very self-disciplined, although the number of confirmed cases is now increasing by hundreds, but in the eyes of the Americans is still more admiration, “We will feel that Taiwan’s policy is very consistent, like the United States will still argue whether to wear a mask or not, but Taiwan is how to do it, do not go out, but also to remind each other not to go out. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The government has been working on the issue of the vaccine, and it has been revealed that the Moderna and AZ vaccines will arrive in Taiwan one after another, and as for the Chinese vaccine, he bluntly said “there is no need to take the risk. (Diagram / from President Tsai Ing-wen’s Facebook page)

Although he immigrated to the United States with his family since he was 12 years old, Jiang Mingxin still cares about Taiwan very much and even makes Taiwan visible through his own strength. He even gave such a tie as a gift to these political figures. The future will not return to live in Taiwan, Jiang Mingxin said, his father is currently settled in Taiwan, I also love everything in his hometown of Chiayi, indeed, I am considering to return to Taiwan after retirement, but at present, in addition to continue to work hard, but also hope that through their own strength to do more for Taiwan, “as a Taiwanese, can do a little for Taiwan, this is what I should do. ”