Executives dying to explode aliens Interviews Credible Evidence being hammered?

On September 14, 2007, a writer named Lawrence Spencer received a letter and a package from a man named Mark Ellroy, who is Mark Ellroy? The letter and the package were addressed to Mark Ellroy, who had served in the U.S. Army in New Mexico and was involved in the Roswell UFO crash in 1947.

Why would Ellroy send such a classified document to Lawrence Spencer? Because about ten years ago, that is, in 1998, Lawrence ▪ Spencer had investigated the Roswell incident in depth, since then met Elroy. Over time they became friends with each other, Lawrence Spencer accidentally received a letter and package from Mark Ellroy in 2007, immediately tried to contact her, but never received any response.

Later, Spencer learned that Ellroy died not long after mailing the letter and package, which is a typical deathbed story, so the credibility is very high. The letter, written on August 12, 2007, reads

I have been living in extreme pain since 1947, knowing the truth, but I can’t say anything, and I am afraid to say anything, I have had enough of this life. They have secretly killed many people who knew the truth in order to ensure that the information was concealed and suppressed, and I have kept this great secret for 60 whole years. “

We all know that the Roswell incident happened in 1947, and Ellroy wrote this letter in 2007, so it’s the same as what she wrote in her letter exactly 60 years have passed.

For these 60 years, I’ve been told that keeping secrets is protecting humanity, because large numbers of intelligent alien beings do exist. And they have been watching everyone on Earth for so long that this kind of information would be so shocking to a long brainwashed population that it would probably cause panic and chaos, so keeping it from them would be the right thing to do.

Doing so was protecting them, and Elroy did not accept the brainwashing, which she always saw as beautiful rhetoric from those with vested interests. They keep this information secret and label it as top secret for national security reasons, all for their own personal gain, never for the purpose of caring for the people.

I am 83 years old, and after sending this letter and package, I have made the decision to euthanize myself,” Ellroy said. These secrets that have followed me for 60 years cannot be buried deep in the grave, and each of you has the right to know the truth about the world. As you have learned, they have long denied the truth about Roswell by controlling the mainstream media, academia and the military, and weaving lies to confuse the public.

Even President Eisenhower once warned us in his departure speech that absolutely no information about Roswell should be revealed. The truth of the matter is that on July 4, 1947, a flying saucer did crash at Roswell, and the information you saw first released by the military was true, the military did recover a crashed flying saucer at a farm in Roswell. I was serving in the U.S. Women’s Air Force Medical Unit at the time, and when news of the crash reached the base, I was assigned to provide emergency medical assistance to the survivors of the pilot of the craft, so I witnessed the crash site of the saucer.

I also witnessed several alien life forms that had lost their vital signs, in addition to the crashed flying saucer and several alien life forms that were killed. The crew tried to communicate with the alien life form, but failed.

Because it could not speak, nor recognize any symbols. Then, while I was examining the injuries of the alien life form, it established some kind of communication with me, not through any words, but through an indescribable mental picture or psychic communication, and I was doubly surprised to report this phenomenon to my superiors immediately.

As all the staff members present at that time, no one could make such communication, and this alien lifeform seemed willing to communicate only with me. So, after a brief deliberation by my superiors, they decided to let me participate in accompanying this alien lifeform throughout. I did recall later why it was only willing to communicate with me, probably because first of all I was a nurse and my role was that of a non-threatening communicator and caregiver of any kind.

In addition to that, I was the only female present at the time and was not equipped with any weapon. From that point on, I was regularly assigned to approach the alien life form as a “companion”. I was given a detailed questionnaire by some military and non-military personnel, and was asked to translate the questions to the alien life form. Then for each answer to record, because of this extraordinary task, they commissioned them to upgrade my security classification, and my rank was raised to senior military chief, and my today also rose from $54 per month to $138 per month.

From July 7, 1947 until August 12 when the alien life form passed away, I was in charge of communicating with the alien life form for more than a month. Every time we communicated, there were military intelligence agencies and various officials present, and I never had any chance to be alone with this alien life form.

But this did not prevent us from communicating, and in the subsequent communication, I learned that the alien lifeform was called “Aero” and that it was the pilot of the alien ship, and the communication process was very difficult at first. Although I could receive some images and vague concepts, but I could not clearly understand what Ero had to say, after a period of adaptation, the situation was greatly improved.

I have been able to communicate with him psychically with ease and comfort, and the information you see next comes from my communication with Eero. I want to reiterate my intent and do not want you to be threatened with your life because of this information, nor do I expect you to believe any of the episodes in the information. I just want more people to be able to learn the truth about the world, that humans need to know who they are, that they need to know where they came from, and that they know what they came to Earth for. Are humans alone in the universe? If there is extraterrestrial life out there somewhere else? Why are they not in contact with us? If we cannot take effective measures to remove the long-term pervasive influence of aliens on Earth, then it will be crucial for humans to truly know themselves as spiritual beings.

Physically and psychologically, the Elohim has no gender, and the Elohim does not have reproductive organs either inside or outside. His body has neither organs nor is it made up of biological cells, but rather an electronic nervous system that resembles a circuit, although I’m not sure exactly how it works? His body is more like a body double, or a remote control device.

Visually, Arrow’s body is short and slender, it is only about a meter tall, and its huge head looks out of place compared to its tiny limbs and torso. Arrow’s hands and feet each have three long, thin fingers, and its head has no obvious nose, mouth or ears. Its eyes were so large that when it gazed at me with them, I seemed to have a feeling of being seen through.

Arrow has gray smooth skin and a body that can withstand great changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. Aero’s body does not need oxygen, food, water or any external nutrition or energy, they use their own energy as a supply as a way to maintain the functioning of the body. Compared to the complexity of our bodies, the Aero is a very simple body. Its body is neither a robot nor a living organism as we think of it, it is an “activated mental life form”.

On July 9, 1947, a questionnaire was handed to me by military and non-military personnel at Roswell Air Force Base. The first round of interviews began: Are you wounded? No. Did you need any kind of medical assistance? No. Do you need food, water, or other nutrients? No. Do you have any special requirements for the environment? For example, air temperature, chemical composition of the atmosphere, air pressure, etc. No need, I am not a biologically constructed life form. Does your body or spacecraft carry bacteria, viruses or contaminants that are harmful to humans or other organisms on Earth In space there are no bacteria. Does your government know you are here? Does it not know by now that others of your kind will come here to find you? Yes, and what kind of weapons are you using?

Very destructive. Why did your spacecraft crash? A discharge from the atmosphere hit my flight. It caused us to lose control. Why are you here? An investigation into the atmospheric radiation nuclear explosion and how your spacecraft achieved flight. Control through consciousness, how do your people communicate with each other? Consciousness communication, what planet do you come from? Territorial birthplace, will your government send representatives to meet our leaders? No. What is the purpose of your visit to Earth? To maintain ownership of the territory? Why do you remain hidden, guarded and observed without contact, do your people ever visit Earth? How long have you been coming to Earth for periodic and repeated observations.

What do you know about the history of human civilization on Earth, long before humans appeared? Not interested, a small amount of time invested. Can you describe your home planet? Civilized society, huge planet, rich resources, two stars, three moons, do you believe in the Creator? He is eternal. Are there other intelligent beings in this universe besides you? There are everywhere.

At the end of the first round of interviews, when I printed out the responses to the list of questions and gave them to the executives who were waiting outside. They acted very excited and thought I could get this alien creature to talk about nothing, yet when they read the content of the responses carefully, their expressions were very disappointed that they thought I had failed to give clear answers.

One of the officers put me on standby for further instructions, and I waited in the next office for several hours, during which time I was not allowed to continue communicating with this alien. I was always treated well, though, and was allowed to eat, sleep, and rest whenever I needed to.

Finally, I waited for a new questionnaire and they told me that there would be a few more people present with me in the next round of talks. However, when I tried to have a second round of communication with Arrow in the company of these people, I received no reply to the message.

Aero sat motionless in his chair the whole time, and in desperation, we left the room where the talks were held. After coming out, I was questioned and chastised by the intelligence people who thought I was lying, but I didn’t I swear I really didn’t get any information this time. And all the information I had translated before was delivered with the utmost accuracy, and later in the evening only a few more people were sent from above to ask questions of Aero, but no matter how much they tried there was never any information anyone could get from Aero.

A few days later, another psychologist and an Indian with psychic powers came to the base. These two people were invited to the base to try to communicate with Ai Luo, but these two people also in vain, and finally the top decided to let me and Ai Luo to conduct a second round of interviews …