Hong Kong actress Linda Chung announces she is taking a break from the entertainment industry and will no longer be filming in the future

Hong Kong actress Linda Chung is a top-notch actress of TVB, and was also a lucky one who carried the ratings back then. At the age of 19, she returned to Hong Kong from Vancouver to take part in the “Miss Chinese” contest. After winning the championship, she signed a contract with TVB, which was well received, and starred in many TV dramas that audiences liked, such as “Loose Heart Storm”. “Let everyone remember her.

In 2015, Chung married Jeremy, a doctor outside the circle who grew up more than ten years old, and then had two children in three years, a daughter and a son, also children.In 2018, Chung announced that she was leaving the nest TVB because her contract had expired, in fact, before that, Chung also because of love, there were two or three years without filming.

It wasn’t until June this year that Chung returned to Hong Kong to film, she starred in the TVB medical drama “Pediatrician” with Cheng Ka Ying and Ma Guo Ming. It is reported that Chung has been in Hong Kong for a long time to shoot a TV drama, because of the epidemic, she still has a lot of work to complete, and her husband and children can not see each other, the heart misses them very much.

Originally, Linda Chung was going to make a good movie, and so the work is stable, on picking up her husband and children to Hong Kong. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available. Since her marriage, Chung has lived in Canada for many years, leaving her family for a long time every time she returns to Hong Kong to film a movie. She said it was hard to pull away from motherhood, so she decided to take a break from filming and won’t do any more movies in the future.