With the “Chinese core” of the Beidou, compared with GPS, who is better?

“Can vehicles use the Compass system to navigate with one or two meter accuracy and second-level error?” An audience member asked.

Yang Changfeng frankly said, relying solely on the Beidou system positioning accuracy and reliability there is still a gap, but with a more powerful ground-based enhancement system, the ability to cooperate between vehicles, the construction of lane auxiliary facilities, lane level identification can be completely realized, and can even realize unmanned driving.

A few lines of conversation, “cold” Beidou system and daily life seamlessly docked.

Recently, the CPPCC National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) members of the major special work mission held a presentation in Beijing, the CPPCC National Committee member Yang Changfeng to “Beidou satellite navigation system construction, development and integration application” as the topic. As the chief designer of BeiDou satellite navigation system project, Yang Changfeng has participated in and witnessed the process of overcoming difficulties of BeiDou in China.

The overall output value of the satellite navigation and location service industry is growing at an average annual rate of about 20%.

Yang Changfeng said that in the history of human navigation development, satellite navigation for the first time in the global spatial and temporal information service capabilities in one, while solving a series of high-precision, high dynamic, real-time, global, all-weather and other problems, to achieve the organic unification of spatial and temporal information.

He explained the principle of satellite navigation in layman’s terms: based on the principle of three-sphere intersection, by measuring the distance between more than three navigation satellites and the user’s receiver, solving the user’s three-dimensional position coordinates, “It sounds like a mystery, but we engage in navigation said everyone will understand.” He joked.

The construction of high-performance, highly reliable global satellite navigation system, is one of the 16 major special projects of China’s medium- and long-term development plan in the field of science and technology, which took nearly 30 years to build, the Beidou system is by far the largest, most extensive coverage, the highest service performance, most closely associated with people’s lives giant complex aerospace system.

“The Beidou system is a ‘net of heaven and earth’ woven together by the space segment, ground segment, user segment of working satellites, more than 40 ground stations, thousands of user terminals, etc.,” Yang Changfeng said.

“The status of this network” is self-evident, as an important support for the country’s economic and social development, the Beidou system is the third largest economic growth point after mobile communications, the Internet, 10 years of China’s satellite navigation and location services industry, the overall output value of an average annual growth of more than 20%, is expected in 2020, the output value is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan.

Global positioning accuracy is comparable to GPS, with local areas better than GPS

In addition to popularizing the “growth history” of the Beidou system, Yang Changfeng also answered questions on the spot, answering “cold knowledge” about the Beidou.

How does the Beidou system perform compared with the GPS system?

“Beidou is the most powerful global satellite navigation system.” Yang Changfeng said the Beidou system has created three orbital mixed constellations uniquely, adding new functions such as precision single-point positioning, star-based enhancement, regional short message communication, international search and rescue, and global short message communication, which can broadcast better navigation signals.

“The global positioning accuracy is comparable to GPS and superior to GPS in local areas.” For example, in North America, Africa and Europe, Beidou’s positioning accuracy is around 5 meters, and in the Asia-Pacific region it can be as accurate as 2.5 to 3 meters.

In addition to real-time navigation and rapid positioning, the Beidou system also has features such as position reporting and short message communication. As Yang Changfeng said, Beidou services are all around you and me, “This is the most powerful thing about the Beidou system, as the most advanced navigation system in the world, its application is ‘limited only by human imagination’.”

In particular, with the Beidou system can “text message” SMS service, is not available in any other foreign global satellite navigation system.

Yang Changfeng revealed that the end of the year is expected to have increased short message function Huawei mobile phone release, lane level navigation may also carry them. “Beidou is the representative of Chinese wisdom.” He concluded.

Star Connect Star Earth Connect

Yang Changfeng said that the Beidou system is equipped with interplanetary links to achieve interconnectivity between satellites and between satellites and ground.

He further explained that the Beidou-3 system uses Ka-band phased control array links to organically link 30 satellites and dozens of ground stations in China, greatly enhancing operational capability, security and positioning accuracy, and directly providing measurement, control and data transmission services for spacecraft. More importantly, without ground support, the satellites can achieve 60 days of autonomous operation, the upper and lower links are not disturbed by the ionosphere, and the positioning accuracy is significantly improved.

The 70th anniversary of the victory of the war in the 9.3 parade, the time error of the ground formation is only within 0.3 seconds, the distance error within plus or minus 10 centimeters, the air echelon meters and seconds is not bad, are the credit of Beidou.

This “unique stunt” is also one of the reasons why Beidou has become the strongest satellite navigation system.

“Beidou core” are “Chinese core”.

After years of development, BeiDou has formed a complete industrial chain, basic products have achieved independent control, and key technologies such as domestic BeiDou chips and modules have made breakthroughs, with performance indicators comparable to similar products in the world. A number of Beidou chips have realized large-scale application, and the process level has reached 22nm.

When it comes to the most popular “Beidou core”, Yang Changfeng said frankly, “can be called a Chinese core”, “Beidou chip and foreign basic level is the same level”. “All of them are their own work,” he said, the ground is also completely Chinese core, the future power consumption will be lower and higher accuracy.

On July 31, 2020, the Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system was completed and officially opened for service, which marks the independent construction and independent operation of China’s global satellite navigation system has been fully completed, China’s Beidou opened a new chapter of high-quality service to the world.

But this is not the end of the construction of the Beidou system, according to Yang Changfeng introduction, a Beidou navigation satellite design life is 10 years to 12 years, from the Beidou-2 experience, the satellite can serve to 12 to 14 years, and then into the “grave orbit”, when it is time to replace.

Before 2035 China will also build a more ubiquitous, more integrated, more intelligent national integrated positioning and navigation timing system, to provide core support for the future development of intelligent, unmanned, and continue to promote the upgrading of the system to build a space-time information service infrastructure covering the sky and the sea, benchmark unification, high precision, high intelligence, high security, and high efficiency. Serving the world and benefiting mankind!

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