Shanghai Jinshan District China Petroleum chemical plant explosion 14 people burned

On the morning of May 29, a violent explosion occurred at Sinopec’s Shanghai Petrochemical Plant in Shanghai’s Jinshan District, igniting flames dozens of meters high and sending deep black smoke into the sky. Official media said the explosion caused 14 people to suffer burn injuries.

According to Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical’s official microblog “Shanghai Petrochemical Online”, at 8:26 p.m. on May 29, a flash explosion occurred in the raw material pipeline in the cracking furnace area of No. 2 ethylene old area of Shanghai Petrochemical’s Olefins Department during the process of overhaul and start-up preparation, resulting in 14 burn injuries. Officials reported that the fire was extinguished at the scene.

Local residents reported hearing a loud noise from the Jinshan Petrochemical area, and then seeing smoke rising up.

Videos posted by netizens show the explosion site still burning, with flames several dozen meters high and deep black smoke rushing into the sky.