U.S. Author: U.S. Crime Rate Hits All-Time High After Floyd Incident, Linked to “Hate Theory” Preached by Leftists

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin recently published an opinion piece on FoxNews.com, noting that crime rates in major U.S. cities have hit decades-long records since the nationwide riots sparked by the mistaken killing of George Floyd, a black man, by police in May of last year. He said with concern that “crime” has now become America’s “public enemy number one.

Goodwin spoke of George Floyd’s death. It’s been a year since the George Floyd incident. But there is no doubt that the violent protests and out-of-control riots that followed Floyd’s death have sparked more criminal activity that has swept into many U.S. cities.

Last year, there were nearly 20,000 gun-related homicides across the United States, the highest number in decades,” he said. The survey also found that homicides increased in 51 of the 57 largest U.S. cities. Among them, violent crime increased by nearly 40 percent in New York, jumped 74 percent in Seattle, 55 percent in Chicago and 54 percent in Boston.”

He believes the data, which show crime rates are still rising as we move into 2021, is “alarming.

Goodwin said nearly all Americans from the East Coast to the West Coast have witnessed the disruption of public order and security in cities, which is inextricably linked to the “hate theories” propagated by the left.

After Floyd, he said, the left attacked law enforcement officers with impunity, yet many politicians did not speak out against the phenomenon for political reasons, but it “spawned an era of lawlessness.

He explained that some people claim that the United States has conducted an “unplanned experiment in human nature” in the last year, but that’s all they’ve done: first, demonize the police, stop funding them, and even abolish police stations; second, some leftist prosecutors, politicians, and judges, because of so-called “social justice,” want to unleash a new era of lawlessness. “social justice” to release prisoners and even empty prisons; and that police are retiring in record numbers.

“Now the results of the experiment are in, and they are grim. It turns out that once people don’t have to think about the consequences of their actions, the evil side of human nature expands wildly,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin concluded by addressing the obvious failure of the hate theory promoted by the left. “The results of the experiment are there for all to see: more people will become victims of crime and hate.”