McCarthy: Communist China Lies to the World, U.S. Should Hold It Economically Responsible

U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) recently said that the U.S. government should hold the Chinese Communist Party financially responsible for lying to the world about the Chinese Communist virus (New Coronavirus) and for the serious negative impact it has caused.

According to Fox News, Republican congressional leader McCarthy said, “We need to hold the Chinese [Communist Party] accountable, not reward it. They need to be held financially accountable for what they’ve done to the world.”

McCarthy argued that the Biden administration’s restoration of funding to the Communist-controlled World Health Organization (WHO) is a disguised “reward for the Communist Party. He denounced President Biden’s resumption of funding for the WHO after taking office as “rewarding the Chinese Communist Party for lying to the world.

He criticized the Biden administration for this action, saying, “Is he (Biden) going to pay the World Health Organization? Because the first thing he did when he took back over was to overturn President Trump’s (Trump) approach. President Trump stopped funding the World Health Organization, which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and lied to us about the epidemic. Then President Biden gave them $200,000 …… which is simply rewarding them for lying to the world.”

Former U.S. President Donald Trump had withdrawn funding for the WHO during the Communist virus pandemic. Trump argued that because WHO, a United Nations organization, repeatedly praised Chinese Communist leaders and aligned itself with the Communist Party on the epidemic despite the opinions of experts, it was extremely unfair to the United States.

According to reports, there is evidence that WHO officials at the time concealed the true number of people infected in several countries at the beginning of the outbreak in order to help the Chinese Communist Party stand up for itself. At the same time, the WHO opposed Trump’s decision to issue a travel ban on China to prevent the spread of the virus.

McCarthy said, “They [WHO] should not become stronger and make us weaker as a result. We should be stronger in the course of history and hold them accountable.”

On Friday, May 28, Biden unveiled his $6 trillion blockbuster budget. In response, McCarthy weighed in. He argued that Biden’s proposed budget plan was “too expensive” and would have serious consequences similar to those in Venezuela.

“It’s too extreme, it’s too expensive,” McCarthy said, “and it’s something that everybody has warned us about. The debt has gotten so big that it exceeds the entire gross domestic product. There’s no going back from that. This sounds like what happened in Venezuela or Cuba. Even Obama’s economists have said this is wrong ……”

McCarthy believes the U.S. would be stronger even if Biden did nothing, but because of his budget, “everyone will be taxed more. Inflation will come. So whatever money you have will be devalued. That’s what’s happening in Venezuela.”

He concluded by saying that we cannot allow this to continue.