The postal service has increased the price of sending ordinary letters to pay 3 cents more, and the delivery time has been extended.

The postmaster general announced on the 28th, since this summer will increase the letter, magazine, marketing advertising postage, including ordinary mail postage will be increased from 55 cents to 58 cents.

The United States Postal Service will raise prices again, starting this summer from 55 cents to 58 cents for ordinary mail, and mail time will be extended from one to three days to one to five days; the Senate agreed on the 28th that Biden nominated three candidates to serve on the Board of Directors of the General Post Office (USPS).

USPS General Director DeJoy (Louis DeJoy) 28 vowed to eliminate USPS liabilities of $160 billion in ten years, and significantly adjust post office operations, the initial will be letters, magazines, marketing advertising postage, since this summer the highest increase of 6.9%, flat mail postage rose to 58 cents.

The Senate passed the former post office union law director Hajjar (Anton Hajjar) as USPS director, while former USPS deputy director general Stroman (Ron Stroman) and the non-profit organization “National Vote at Home Institute” (National Vote at Home Institute) CEO McReynolds. (Amber McReynolds), CEO of the nonprofit National Vote at Home Institute, were agreed to earlier this month; all three of Biden’s nominees were agreed to.

The USPS has nine seats on the board, and the addition of three Democratic directors means that the party has five seats.

At the same time, Director DeJoy and Board Chairman Ron Bloom announced a massive overhaul of USPS, with plans to eliminate $160 billion in liabilities over 10 years; to that end, USPS has applied to the superb “Postal Regulations Commission” for a postage rate increase since the end of August.

The USPS suffered most of the time last year from untimely mail delivery, and a large increase in the volume of parcels has stalled the processing network; the on-time delivery rate has not exceeded 90% since July last year.

DeJoy announced in March a 10-year “Delivering for America” (Delivering for America) plan, which calls for flat mail delivery time to be extended from 1 to 3 days to 1 to 5 days; postal officials said that 70% of mail will still be delivered within 3 days; the plan also proposes to reduce post office hours and cut staff.

The USPS sent layoff notices to hundreds of management employees on the 28th; a spokesman said he did not know the total number of layoffs.

The DeJoy 10-year plan includes other proposals such as consolidating underutilized post offices and investing in new mail trucks.

The USPS also sought input from the Postal Regulations Commission on proposals to change mailing standards. The Democrats blasted the 10-year plan as an unacceptable reduction in delivery quality and renewed calls for DeJoy to step down.