Son missing 39 days later surprised to see the body of parents in Shaanxi crying for the truth

A few days ago, Chengdu, Sichuan 49 middle school students fell from the building case caused a furor, the incident many doubts so far can not be clarified. Recently, Baoji, Shaanxi Province, another student strange fall case, in Baoji City, Meixian Chengguan Middle School students Zhao Zhao research on April 2 after school lost, parents first alarm, but more than a month are no results, until Zhao Zhao research lost 39 days, his body was found in a parking lot on the 3rd floor. ZhaoZhaoYan mother ZhaoLingXia said, son after talking to the teacher after school people did not go home, what happened during this period now no way to know, she can not understand why her son did not go home after school, ran to the parking lot to jump. Zhao Lingxia posted a video on the Internet, crying for help from all walks of life to investigate the real reason for her son’s death.

According to the online video, a woman calling herself Zhao Lingxia asked for help from the outside world. He said his son Zhao Zhaoyan was lost after school on April 2, and after 39 days of searching, he was found dead in a tall building similar to a parking lot.

“Zhao Zhaoyan in Meixian Chengguan Middle School class 95 students, April 2 by the teacher talk after it, after school did not return. I looked for the whole 39 days, when it was the first time to call the police.” Zhao Lingxia went on to say, “As a result, 39 days later by the good people found, is already a pile of white bones, on the third floor of the building platform.”

The local police said that Zhao Zhaoyan died by “jumping off a building”. But the mother questioned: “I still can’t understand, a 15-year-old child, why not come back from school, run here to jump off the building? This is in the end for what?”

Zhao Lingxia asked for attention and help from all walks of life to seek justice for her son.

“Now my child has been lying in the funeral home for another half month, and now I have not received a reasonable explanation.” She said, “I beg the community to help me figure out why a student would jump from this building? Why did my son not come back after school and jumped from this building to end his life?”

According to Huashang Daily, in April this year, Zhao Lingxia asked the newspaper for help, saying that her child Zhao Zhaoyan did not return home after school on the afternoon of April 2. Zhao Zhaoyan is 15 years old and is a junior in Meixian Chengguan Middle School. Zhao Lingxia said that at noon that day, the child was confiscated after the teacher saw him playing with his cell phone at school, and the teacher called to tell her about it. After school in the afternoon, the child on time out of school, neighbors saw the child home, but did not enter the home, and has not seen since. ZhaoZhaoYan did not have any communication tools on him, parents first reported to the police but there is no result yet.

ZhaoZhaoYan’s life photo (Photo source: Internet)

According to police sources, the last time the child was seen in the surveillance video, is about 6:30 p.m. on April 2, in the Meixian gymnasium intersection northward location, after which no longer in the surveillance video to see the figure of ZhaoZhaoYan.

On May 6, Zhao Lingxia contacted Huashang News again, saying that the child still had not been found, but a good samaritan contacted her, saying that the child had been seen near the Hesf bio-factory in Yangling District, Xi’an, and Ms. Zhao arrived to find no living residential area around the factory, just a large construction site also found no trace of the child.

Zhao Lingxia said that her brother works in Yangling District, so the child had lived in Yangling for some time during the holidays, so the child may also be lost in Yangling, but there was still no news of the child.

Recently, a number of bizarre student falls in China have sparked widespread concern. on May 9, Lin Weiqi, a sophomore at Chengdu 49 Middle School, fell to his death at school. Lin’s mother had posted that her son arrived at school at 5:40 p.m. that day, and she herself was suddenly notified by the school at 9 p.m. that her son had died. The school claimed the cause of death was a “fall,” while preventing parents from entering the school, refusing to provide them with surveillance video, and warning other students to keep quiet.

On May 13, the incident was reported by Chinese officials, who released a video of the incident, but some netizens questioned whether the video was spliced and edited, and whether the student in the video was Lin Weiqi himself. In addition, Lin Weiqi from the beginning of the school building to disappear in the dead center of the surveillance without anyone around, but also questioned as a pose. The family of Lin Weiqi has not spoken out on the incident since May 11, and there is speculation that the family is under pressure to keep quiet.

On March 14 this year, a 15-year-old girl fell to her death in school in Fuling, Chongqing. The parents of the girl have so far been unable to obtain the child’s belongings and have not seen the CCTV footage of the child at the school before the fall. The mother, Ms. Wu, has revealed that the school monitoring shows that the child fell at 6:58 pm that night, but precisely 8 minutes before the incident monitoring “disappeared”, “Whenever we have a little clue, the school immediately blocked, so that students do not talk nonsense”.