Guangzhou epidemic from some areas to restrict access out of the rush vegetables

The epidemic continues to fester in Guangdong, with officials informing that two new indigenous confirmed cases and eight indigenous asymptomatic infections were reported in the province yesterday (May 28). Land media combing found that the virus has spread for three generations in six days or even less. Officials admit that the virus in this outbreak is spreading very fast and strongly compared to last year’s local outbreak.

The Guangdong Provincial Health Commission informed today (May 29) that from 0-24 hours on May 28, two new local confirmed cases were reported in the province, with one case reported in Guangzhou as an asymptomatic infected person referred for confirmation; and one case reported in Foshan. Eight new cases of indigenous asymptomatic infections were reported, five in Guangzhou, one in Shenzhen and two in Foshan.

It is difficult to know how different these official figures are from the actual situation because the Chinese Communist Party has always concealed the outbreak.

The first confirmed case of the outbreak in Guangdong is a 75-year-old Guo from Liwan District, Guangzhou, who was diagnosed on May 21. The patient’s activity track was released, showing that the patient had recently visited six restaurants, including another tea time restaurant at 668 Kangwang Middle Road in Guangzhou’s Liwan District.

Land media combing found that, as of 14:00 on the 28th, the “morning tea infection chain” related to another tea point Xuan has increased to 11 people.

Lu media also found that from Guo to drink morning tea was infected Song Moumou, to Song Moumou daughter-in-law Lei Moumou, to the 24th with Lei Moumou attended a training course in Foshan Wang Moumou, just in the six days from May 19 to May 24, the virus has spread three generations.

In addition, from Guo to Song Moumou, to Song’s grandson Xu Moumou, to Xu’s custodial classmates, this chain of transmission is only 6 days at most.

At the Guangzhou Municipal Government press conference held today (29), Huang Guanglie, director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health and Wellness Commission, said that compared to last year’s local outbreak, the transmission characteristics of this outbreak are very prominent, and experts believe that: the virus in this outbreak is spreading very fast and with great power. According to Huang Guanglie, we must run a little further ahead and faster than before in order to block the virus transmission pathway and cut the chain of infection in time, otherwise, there is a high possibility of more local infections.

Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou CDC, also said at a press conference on the 27th that “the speed of transmission is the biggest difference between this outbreak and previous outbreaks; the strength of transmission is reflected in the fact that the virus can be spread by eating a meal, a short period of non-direct contact.”

Guangzhou authorities announced that from 29 onwards, within the area of Hailong Street, Baihedong Street, Zhongnan Street, Dongjiao Street and Chongkou Street in Liwan District, all people will mainly stay at home and stop all activities that are not necessary for daily life, except for one person per household per day who will be limited to go out to buy necessities.

A video circulating on the Internet shows that many people on Nanpu Island rose to grab vegetables this morning, and the Nanpu subway station has been closed and guarded by police.

Many local people in Guangzhou have complained about the blockade on the Chinese internet, with some revealing that they can’t go home and their families can’t get out; others saying that their mindset is falling apart and they can’t help but shout “Help!”