Fast news: Guangdong well-known democrat Wang Aizhong raided by police, arrested

According to the news released by Rights Defense Network on May 28, Wang Aizhong, a well-known pro-democracy activist in Guangdong, was raided and arrested by the police on the same day.

At noon on Friday day, someone called Wang Aizhong and said his car was scraped and lured him downstairs before taking him away. Nine police officers then searched Wang Aizhong’s home, showed a search warrant to Wang’s wife and took 29 books, two computers and a cell phone. Police then also summoned Wang Aizhong’s wife to the police station, questioned Wang Aizhong about his interactions and statements, and warned him not to speak out. Wang Aizhong’s mother-in-law was also shocked as a result.

RightsNet said Wang Aizhong has been highly scrutinized by Guangdong police for his longstanding commitment to promoting the Southern Street Movement. His comments on Twitter have been closely monitored by the Chinese Communist authorities. This time Wang Aizhong was arrested, most likely for his words.

It is reported that Wang Aizhong, who is originally from Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, and now lives in Guangzhou, is one of the advocates of the Southern Street Movement.