Japanese boy can telepathically respond to UFOs and publish photos online

There is a “UFO boy” in Japan, who claims to be able to telepathically communicate with unidentified flying objects (UFOs), and he even presented four photos of UFOs he captured last year as proof. Now, these photos have been circulating on the Internet and attracting the attention of UFO enthusiasts.

A 13-year-old boy in Japan claims to be able to communicate telepathically and contact unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The boy named Haruya Ido (Haruya Ido) has been dubbed “UFO Boy” by the Japanese media because of his claim to have the ability to attract UFOs. He apparently took photos of UFOs in four different places in Japan last year, and he posted the locations and UFO-related details on his website.

In photo 1, Haru Ito says he witnessed the UFO in this photo on March 29, 2017, in Hyogo Prefecture, where he says the flying object, “It was reflecting on a roadside streetlight, and I wondered if it was an Adamski-type UFO.”

In photo 2, Haru Ito says he saw the UFO in photo 2 on April 21, 2017, in Osaka Prefecture, saying that “this cigar-shaped UFO appeared above a power line where many birds were staying, and I photographed it.”

Photo 3, which he took on May 2, 2017, at a park in Osaka Prefecture. He said the UFO looked like a triangle.

In Photo 4, Haru Ito says he took the UFO in Photo 4 on Dec. 30, 2017, in Nagano Prefecture. “A thing that looked like a white hole appeared, and I saw seven objects moving at high speed, and objects making mysterious movements. But when I took the photo, it reflected light.”

Tosh*taro Yamaguchi, a leading Japanese paranormal researcher, describes Haru Ito as, being able to contact UFOs telepathically and becoming what is considered a classic UFO contact.

Tosh*taro Yamaguchi said that although people like the “UFO boy” are not unheard of, they have become relatively rare over the years. He said such people can use telepathy to know when and where UFOs will appear, comparable to the ability of shamanism.