Gmail account worth $2,228, the latest dark web price list open

How much do you think your information is worth? According to the “Dark Web Price Index 2021” data released in May by the information security research firm Privacy Affairs, Gmail account information sells for much more than most credit card information.

According to the “Dark Web Price Index 2021”, a stolen Gmail account can sell for $80 (about $2,228) on the black market, and a stolen Facebook account can sell for $65 (about $1,810).

(Source: Privacy Affair)

Most of the credit card information that people care more about is unexpectedly less expensive than Gmail and Facebook accounts. If it is a MasterCard or VISA card that knows the Pin Code, it is only $25 (about $700); if it is an American Express card that knows the Pin Code, it is only worth $35 (about $975).

(Source: fetched from Privacy Affair)

Of course, if the stolen credit card information is quite detailed and the card has an available balance of $1,000 (about $28,000), it is worth as much as $150 (about $4,200); if the available balance is $5,000 (about $140,000), the card is worth $240 (about $6,700).

However, most credit card information is still less expensive than Gmail or Facebook account information; the reason is that social media tend to hold more user information, whether it is credit card information or other personal information, most users intuitively put it in their social accounts. Therefore, if social media account information is stolen, the user’s loss is often more serious than credit card theft.