Don’t give special treatment to the Chinese Communist Party: People petition to remove the Chinese (Communist) flag from schools in South Los Angeles

Jim Torres, a California citizen, recently launched a petition to the Los Angeles Department of Education (LAUSD) to remove the Chinese Communist regime’s flag from the flagpole of an international school in South Los Angeles.

The petition states that the Chinese Communist Party’s flag represents the genocide of religious minorities, the stifling of the First Amendment and freedom of speech around the world, and the forced abortion of women against their will, making the Communist Party the number one threat to democracy in the world today.

There is absolutely no reason to allow the flag of the Chinese Communist regime to fly proudly alongside our American flag, and the California state flag. Even more unjustifiable is that this flag is also twice the size of our flag. Flying the flag of the Chinese Communist regime is completely antithetical to everything the American flag stands for. Flying the flag of the Chinese Communist regime behind the guise of “this is just an international school” is exactly what the Chinese Communist Party wants, as it tries to normalize the authoritarianism of the evil regime.