6 media publicly apologized to Tesla! Netizen: again do not want Tesla to withdraw -Netizen: the database was forced to compromise, and did not want Tesla to withdraw…

On the evening of the 28th, Tesla customer support officially published an apology statement from six media, the incident triggered mainland netizens concern and hot debate, some netizens said: the database was forced to compromise, and do not want Tesla to withdraw…

On the evening of May 28, Tesla customer support officially announced the apology statement of six media, and said, thank you very much for the Tesla-related information, related posts, but this also contains a little inaccurate information, this inaccurate information to Tesla and the majority of owners have brought some trouble, in order to help you understand the facts, we will regularly share with you the real situation, the development of any new industry The development of any new industry is inseparable from the attention and support of the whole society.


The six apology statements published in this time are from the ShakeYin account “Ruifeng Auto”, the self media account “60 seconds to know the car”, the microblogging account “class star channel”, “five business culture”, and the “five business culture”. The six apologies were issued by ShakeYin account “Ruifeng Auto”, the self-publishing account “60 Seconds Knowing Cars”, the microblogging account “Star Channel”, “Five Business Culture”, “Mingjin.com” and the microblogging account “Teikeni Digital”. Among them, Ruifeng Auto released “just bought a Tesla, 48 seconds after the brakes failed, Wenzhou used car dealers directly tear collapse” video content because of unverified statements without factual basis, misleading the general public, the apology statement will be top 30 days.




60 seconds to understand the car is also released on the Tesla brake failure and other inappropriate comments video, causing bad influence. The author of the video has already deleted the content, and the author himself guarantees that similar incidents will not happen again. 60 seconds to know the car also took this opportunity to publicly warn and ask the media or individuals who have reproduced the video to delete it as soon as possible and not to spread or forward it again.

Netizen comments.

Some netizens said: media reports can not be based on facts, that is disinformation!

Others sarcastically said: making Tesla’s rumor is not illegal, but also can earn money!

More netizens a burst of blood pointed out: the database was forced to compromise, and do not want Tesla withdrew, looking for a few to do the show, hey, this investment environment is not suitable for foreign investment.

A netizen said: are following the mainstream media, the mainstream media is not a strong report these self media dare to create rumors?