Just in time! First 150,000 doses of U.S. Modena vaccine arrive in Taiwan

Taiwan on the 28th added 297 local cases of the Chinese Communist virus, 258 corrected return cases, the number of local cases exceeded 6000 cases.

Taiwan’s epidemic has been heating up for two weeks now and there is still no sign of relief. The Central Epidemic Command Center announced on the 28th that there are 297 new local cases of COVID-19, 19 new deaths, and 258 corrected returning local cases. In addition, the first batch of 150,000 doses of Moderna vaccine purchased by Taiwan from the United States will arrive in Taiwan this afternoon, carried by China Airlines. The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) posted on Facebook today, “True friends, true progress.

The outbreak in Taiwan remains serious, with the Command Center today announcing 297 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Taiwan and two cases of imported cases from abroad, as well as 258 corrected cases returning to Taiwan, for a total of 557 cases. Among the confirmed cases, there were 19 new deaths, a new high number of deaths in a single day.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Modena vaccine purchased by Taiwan had left Luxembourg in Europe and was expected to arrive in Taiwan this afternoon. The executive president, Su Zhencheng, today showed the picture of the Modena vaccine on the China Airlines plane on Facebook, and said that the various vaccines purchased by Taiwan are being delivered on schedule, while the two domestic vaccines are also being developed smoothly.

Executive President Su Zhencheng PO Modena vaccine on board the plane screen. (Photo source: fetched from Su’s Facebook page)

Minister of Health and Welfare, Command Center Commander Chen Shizhong also revealed in the Legislative Yuan on the 26th when answering questions, Taiwan’s domestic vaccine part, there are now high-end, United Asia two pharmaceutical companies into the second phase of clinical trials. If all goes well, the people of Taiwan in July can administer domestic vaccines.

According to the Taiwanese media, the flight plan of the China Airlines cargo plane carrying the Modena vaccine was specially requested to change its route in order to avoid unnecessary disturbances that would affect its smooth return to Taiwan, mainly to avoid China’s flight information zone, thus increasing the flight time by more than one hour before landing at Taoyuan Airport.

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) also posted on Facebook today “Welcome to the upcoming arrival of the first batch of Moderna vaccine in Taiwan”, which is also the first batch of U.S. vaccines to arrive in Taiwan.

The flight plan of the China Airlines cargo plane carrying Moderna vaccine today was specifically requested to be rerouted, mainly to avoid China’s flight information zone.

AIT also emphasized that the U.S. and Taiwan have a long history of global health cooperation and exchange, and that the U.S. supports Taiwan’s ability to obtain vaccines and is working to discuss urgent vaccine issues with Taiwan at all levels. The text also ends with the symbol “true friends and true progress.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also responded, “Thank you for the continued support of the United States for Taiwan and for the efforts of Taiwan and the United States to work together to combat the virus.” The six words “true friends and real progress” were also emphasized.

In addition, Dr. Chen Zhijin, an attending physician in the Department of Additive Medicine at Taiwan’s Chi Mei Hospital, also shared the AIT posting on Facebook, saying that he believed the vaccine would arrive safely, and was not afraid that the news would be exposed in advance to be done away with! He also lamented that it was really hard to buy vaccines in Taiwan! In addition to the external obstruction from the Chinese Communist Party, there are also people inside Taiwan who have been singing the praises of the vaccine. He called on the people who need the vaccine to hurry up and grasp the injection after it arrives in Taiwan.