30 Years of Kindness in Raising 100 Adopted Daughters Elderly American Couple Talk About Their Feelings

Al Hill, 79. Al Hill, 79, and Ann Hill, 78, are an elderly couple living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Al Hill, 79, and Ann Hill, 78, are an elderly couple living in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Together for 53 years, these ordinary seniors have provided a safe home for about 100 homeless girls and raised them to adulthood over the course of nearly 30 years. They were recently interviewed about their hearts.

The Cincinnati Enquirer, a morning newspaper in Cincinnati, Ohio, recently interviewed the Hill’s. They don’t think they’ve done anything special for their 30 years of good works. Ann said, “We’re a team, and that’s how we do it.” For his part, Al said, “You know what I’ve learned? It’s that there are so many people who have nowhere else to go.”

Al Hill, 79, and Ann Hill, 78. (Photo credit: Internet)

The reporter learned that many years ago, when the Hill’s daughter went off to college, their home seemed empty. So they decided to provide a bed and home-cooked meals for the unrelated stranger, just as they would for their own children. This was not a difficult task for the two couples. And so they have continued for almost 30 years, with about 100 girls under their care. Until last year, they were still offering the service of fostering children.

During the interview, Ann told the story of a girl. In a fire, this girl’s brother pushed her out of the window and her brother lost his life. Ann found a picture of the girl’s brother, framed it and placed it next to the girl’s bed.

Ann was very strict with the children, and the family had rules, but the children found her to be someone they could call and talk to whenever they needed it.

The couple can’t remember all the children’s names now, but they still remember where they live now, and they visit them sometimes. And the children come back to visit them at Thanksgiving and sometimes give them a call. That was enough for the Hill’s.

The Hill’s still have a prominent sign on their roof that says “Don’t forget to entertain strangers.

The story, the newspaper said, shows that we can help others in some way. All of the Hill’s adopted daughters have lost something, and for those who have nothing, sometimes a small thing can be overwhelming.