No pear sharing, no separation

After a night of smoke and fire and ghostly wailing I really expected to start committing the first bronchitis of the year, chest as with a high-powered blower blowing hard on the narrow straw in the ball of cotton with strong adhesive general, into the embarrassing feeling of retreat I am simply too familiar.

The people who have been in Guangdong for a long time can’t help but lean towards the old Chinese doctors, each of whom are experts in health care, in addition to taking medication, they can’t help but think about whether they want some complementary food therapy, to advance the pace of health return. I’ve been a bronchitis professional since I was a child, and I don’t know how many bowls of pear stew I’ve eaten, and I’ve never gotten tired of eating it.

So after inspecting the kitchen reserves, I decided to fire up the knife and stew pear soup. Snow pear peeled and cut to core, red dates three or two a broken two and a half, throw a pinch of wolfberry two cinnamon meat, pear cool, red dates cinnamon warm, wolfberry flat, together into a pot of stewed pear soup, additional a spoon of rock sugar, perfect. After stewing goo goo drink a bowl, feel immediately can go like a mountain, a pot of soup, I drank the whole day, finally finished.

Pear is a rare kind of fruit especially suitable for cooking sweet soup, apple cooking soup to sour, orange cooking soup will become bitter, pear but the more cooking flavor more sublimated, taste refreshing sweetness moderate light fragrance long, delicate flesh of pear suitable for cooking soup, rough particles of pear is suitable for steaming in water. Ice sugar snow pear silver ear soup, snow pear chrysanthemum tea, ice sugar stewed pear which is a common pattern of the people’s table, simple and easy to learn and it is difficult for someone not like to eat.

One year in guangxi yangshuo a vegetarian restaurant I tasted a cinnamon pear, also quite amazing, pear cut off the upper part of the cover, dig out the kernel into a pear bowl, which filled with boiled rice wine silver ear soup, cover the pear cover steam over water, the fire is not too long, the pear meat just pan cooked on the pot, lift the lid to drizzle in the cinnamon sauce cooked with rock sugar water, that taste not to mention how layered, after so many years I still can’t forget it.

Although the pear is delicious, but in fact it is not the fruit I often buy, because almost every time I eat pear I will remember a fragment of childhood, a very clear fragment.

The northern duck pear is generally very big, a can have six or seven heavy, adults alone eat a pear are a little pressure, let alone children. I am small, but the eye is big, to go to my cousin’s house to play, see the pears on the coffee table, very positive to hold a gnawing, the result is to eat later also left a large half to eat, I asked my cousin for help, counting on her to help me chew the rest of the large half of the pear, or found by my mother must not run a criticism. My sister took the pear and didn’t eat it herself, but put it in the room and told me to wait until I was hungry and then eat it again. She said to me, pear can not be divided to eat, split pear separation, must not and you love people share pear to eat.

After growing up, whenever the stewed pear soup or silver ear snow pear soup, looking at the people around me and I a bowl so drink the same pear cooked out of a pot of soup, in the heart can not help but secretly comfort themselves, cut the cooked pear that is also a complete pear, we drink is also a complete pear cooked out of the soup, this certainly can not be considered to share pear it. But self-deception is a very hard thing, so I really rarely stew pear soup and others to eat together.

But then, grow up some more, people gradually understand, even if there is no pear eating, our life still has countless separation, and even if really divided pear, if it really belongs to your people, he will always stay with you, but I still rarely stew pear soup and others to eat together.

The pear is how delicious, but I do not want to share with others, the greed of swallowing a pear alone is my most deadly greed – I can not separate from you, even if it is only conceivable, can not.