What to do if you are misunderstood…

There is a young girl in town, pregnant, the parents forced to ask the young girl, who is the father of the child.

The young girl was forced to say that the father of the child was a senior monk in a nearby temple, and after the child was born, the family found the senior monk with the child in their arms. 

The monk only said, “This way! Then he silently took the child.

After that, the monk carried the child from house to house every day to ask for milk. The town exploded, and there were all kinds of comments. The senior monk was pointed at and even abused by people. 

After a year, the young girl could not bear the inner torment and admitted that the father of the child was another person and had nothing to do with the monk.

The young girl and her family found the monk in shame and saw that the monk was haggard, but the child was white and fat.

The young lady was full of guilt. The senior monk replied indifferently, “That’s the way it is! Then he returned the child to the young lady. 

The senior monk was wrongly accused and his reputation was ruined, but he never defended himself, why?

The senior monk said, “A monk regards fame and fortune as things outside his body. I have nothing to do with being misunderstood. It is a good deed if I can relieve the plight of a young girl and save a small life.”  

When we are misunderstood, we spend a lot of time trying to justify ourselves.

But it’s no use. No one listens, no one wants to listen. People make their own judgments based on what they hear, what they understand, and everyone is actually very stubborn.

If he understands you

He will understand you at the beginning

He understands you from the beginning to the end

Not understand by listening to your arguments once.

Instead of trying hard and painfully to reverse the judgment of others

Why not suffer in silence and give others a little more time and space?

Save the effort of justification, to realize their own longer-term life value.

If you can’t see it, you can carry it.
The actual fact that you can’t let go, you remember.
If you can’t let go, you can keep it.

And one day…

If you can’t carry it anymore, you can look away
Can not remember, then put down
Can’t stay, you can give up

So some things do not count too much, open one eye, close one eye, it will pass. Cherish the people in front of you, do the things in front of you. Everything is beautiful