Xie Tian: China’s Civilian “Lie Ping” Subverts the Communist Party’s “Rise of a Great Power”

The recent civil “lay flatism” in mainland China has become a hot topic of concern. When we look deeper into the real meaning and influence of “lying flatism”, we can easily find that it is actually a kind of protest against the Chinese Communist Party. The “passive” resistance in “lying flatism” is actually an “active” resistance to the CCP. And, the “lying flat” of Chinese folk is the opposite of the CCP’s “rise of a great nation”; the growing popularity of folk lying flat is actually subverting the CCP’s dream of “rise of a great nation”!

Lying flat is that after people have worked hard enough and exhausted themselves, they find that they still can’t change their lives and are so exhausted that they simply don’t work hard anymore and live with the lowest desire. It is actually an indictment of the social division between the rich and the poor under the Chinese Communist Party, and a satire on the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party to get rid of poverty in all aspects. The recent trend of “laying flat”, a group of flexible employment and odd jobs with daily pay, describes a new social form. The author of the article “To lie flat is justice” says that he has been without a stable job for the past two years and has been working odd jobs and lowering his consumption to maintain a state of “freedom”. This resonated with many young people and attracted their approval. They went on to propose the term “laying flat” to systematically refer to the state of young people who do not buy houses, cars, get married, have children or consume, and maintain a minimum standard of living.

The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) accurately described the characteristics of the laying flat population in its interview with Shenzhen’s Sanhe talent market, titled “Young people earning 100 yuan a day in China” back in 2018. These young people, who earn a hundred yuan a day and are paid on the same day, feel that their future is hopeless, and in their desperation, they begin to discover their purpose in life and start their thinking. The young people in Shenzhen Sanhe job market who earn 100 yuan a day earn 100 yuan a day, or 15 US dollars, which is the lying flat cost for them to work one day and rest two days, as opposed to 5 US dollars a day. According to the United Nations standards for the poor, a daily income of less than $35 is considered poor, and less than $2 is absolute poverty. That is to say, these young and middle-aged people in China who are lying flat are moving between the international “poverty line” and the “absolute poverty line”.

Lying flat is a quiet demonstration, an open non-cooperation. From a distance, it resembles the peaceful resistance and non-cooperation movement of Mahatma Gandhi in India. The non-cooperation of the Indian people led by Gandhi against the colonial government was a purposeful, clear-headed, determined and peaceful resistance movement. China’s contemporary lay flat has not yet developed to that extent, but it has the potential to develop and evolve to that extent. This is why the Chinese Communist regime is worried about it! After lying down for a long time and thinking about it and understanding it, the will, emotion, will, idea, and determination to resist may mature and develop, and it may become firm action. Even lying down without action will have an effect, because it is a kind of getting rid of the rule and control of the Chinese Communist Party; if people finally can’t lie down anymore and have to sit up and go out, it will be natural, because its gathered energy and heat are still gathered in the body.

From a more recent point of view, lying flat is similar to the strategy of “if there is water, there is no big platform” of Hong Kong people in the anti-Sending China movement. Lie Ping has no leader, no one to take the lead, it appears silently, but has a clear strategy; it has a destructive power to the rule of the Chinese Communist Party and the economy of the Chinese Communist Party. It can be said without exaggeration that lieping is a kind of spontaneous and new non-cooperation movement of Chinese people, the best and silent resistance in the period of severe control of the CCP.

Lying flat has much in common with the snail’s pace of living, the gnawing of the elderly by young people, and the cocooning of people who have closed themselves off, and it is also found in many countries around the world, only in other countries it is not as large and not as deep, but in China it has rapidly transformed into a social problem. In the Georgia and Atlanta metropolitan areas where I live, I have seen several similar cases around me. One is a young man of Chinese descent who did not work after graduating from college, and has been gnawing at home, his father could not help, complaining to his friends and spitting out bitterness; another is also a young man of Chinese descent, after graduating from high school, his parents asked him to go back to China to get married, but the result did not become a match, and he came back to college and delayed, then he did not work again, nor did he go to college, every day at home is to eat, sleep, play computer, no girlfriend, and do not want to fall in love The first thing you can do is to start a family and a career.

In the United States, Japan and other countries, young people gnawing on the elderly, living with their parents, much more cases than before, but it does not seem to have become a social phenomenon; young people independent family, or the main trend. But the lie flat in mainland China, and the economic recession of Chinese society, seems to be closely related. When more people are involved, it becomes a social phenomenon, it becomes the subject of theoretical discussion, and it becomes a social problem. After it becomes a social problem, it will have social effects, and will produce social effects.

The tyranny and ferocity of the Chinese Communist Party is a collection of human social evils. It brings together all the techniques of ruling tyrants, dictators, and people traitors, together with the most advanced technology of repression and social surveillance, so that although the Chinese people are discontented and rebellious in their hearts, they have more than enough strength and no chance to rebel. Today’s pacifists seem to have learned a lot from the lessons of history, from Ruo Shui in Hong Kong, to Gandhi in India, to Martin Luther King in the U.S. Peace and non-violence are their themes; they are self-disciplined, self-sufficient, and even self-abusive, but all of them are harmless to society, but very deadly to the CCP.

When the CCP suppresses the Chinese people again, the laypeople will most likely not intervene, not participate, not help the tiger, and in effect, stay away from the CCP. This makes a lot of sense, and it is the best response when the rulers are extremely resourceful in suppressing the people and have pervasive means to do so. The people who are lying flat, the CCP wants to fight Taiwan, they may not participate; the CCP wants to oppose the United States, they may not be interested; the CCP wants the economy, their leeks fall to the ground; the CCP wants to maintain stability, they seem to be meek and virtuous people; the CCP wants to propaganda brainwashing, they do not understand and do not want to listen, only care about playing games. Lying flat is actually the largest non-cooperation movement, and in the land of China, non-cooperation is resistance, is the most powerful resistance!

The Chinese Communist regime, as we all know, is always using “politicking” as a big hat to suppress and persecute the people. When the CCP needs to, it will talk about politics, what political awareness, concern for politics, political acumen, and maintaining a high degree of political consistency with the Party Central Committee. When the CCP it does not need, participation in politics, discussion of politics, and even political science itself, become sensitive words. Those who lie flat will be a group of people who are far from the CCP’s political brainwashing and have no connection with politics.

The “small people lying flat” in China corresponds to the “rise of a big country” boasted by the CCP. Small versus big, people versus country, lying down versus rising. The Chinese Communist Party needs the “rise of a great nation”, so it needs hundreds of millions of migrant workers to work day and night to strengthen the operation of the world factory and create wealth for the Chinese Communist Party, while politically and ideologically, they are in line with the Chinese Communist Party and accept the brainwashing of the Chinese Communist Party. The “little people lying flat” among the people means that they do not work for the CCP, do not make money for the CCP, do not create production value for the CCP, and do not prosper the consumer market for the CCP. They live at home or spend the night playing games in Internet cafes, and stay away from the CCP’s party groups, party branches, and the CCP’s mouthpiece propaganda, so that even if the CCP is infuriated and angry, it doesn’t know how to do it!

The Chinese Communist Party’s official media attack, Xinhua reprinted the Southern Daily’s “Where’s the sense of justice when lying flat is shameful?” This article shows the Chinese Communist Party’s contempt for human rights and fear of this social phenomenon. The CCP’s mouthpiece even said, “It’s okay to resign to fate, but not to lie flat!” What the CCP really wants to say is to reverse the order of these two sentences, that is, “It is not okay to lie flat, but it is okay to resign oneself to one’s fate!” This means that they should get up and work, work for their lives, and be submissive and slaves to the Communist Party!

Critics expect that if the “lying flat” group grows, the CCP may take measures to deal with them, so that they do not even have the right to lie flat. The CCP will indeed do so, but what means will it take? The Communist Party may mobilize the masses, activate the community “small-footed detective team”, restore the system of “baojia” and “guanxi”, and bombard the layabouts and force them to work. But this is obviously more difficult to do. It is said that in the late Qing Dynasty, officials neglected their duties and neglected their work, from Jiaqing to Daoguang to Xianfeng, several generations of emperors thought through their heads, but did not find a solution to the problem. In the late Red Dynasty, I’m afraid there is nothing the Chinese Communist Party can do. What the Chinese Communist Party may still do is to raise the cost of living, so that those who lie flat can not lie, not enough money, they have to get up and work! But if the Chinese Communist Party does this, continues to print large amounts of money and increase inflation, it will stir up public anger and accelerate its demise.

Faced with the CCP’s anger and intimidation, the people who are lying flat seem to be fearless, and they put forward the slogan of “If you don’t go to work in March, the Communist Party will be drained; if you don’t work for half a year, you will welcome the new China”. The “civil laying flat” and the “rise of a great power” have been moving towards a formal confrontation! China’s lie-flat movement is non-cooperation, passive resistance, and a strike without an organizer! Obviously, leeks and sickles, both know the power of the lie flat movement, and both know the three flavors of it!