Courier blind box gray production: 10 yuan a pound of “garbage”

Many unclaimed or e-commerce returns, transformed into a live room of the express blind box, 10 yuan can buy a pound, you think you may receive expensive cosmetics or clothes, the actual hand is likely to be a packet of napkins or a headband. The blind box is not much of a real courier, even if it is a real courier, it is even the business are too lazy to go to the garbage goods, and the market is also flooded with worthless tail goods packaged into the “courier “. So, to buy a “surprise” express blind box, may be more difficult than winning the lottery.

Every night after 8 o’clock, Jitterbug, fast hands will appear a bunch of blind demolition express live room.

The anchor sits in front of piles of express pieces, with a knife to the camera to cut open a courier package, express box, the demolition of hair accessories, cups, cotton swabs forward to show, demolition to Bluetooth headphones, watches is extremely cost-effective, the anchor will shout at this point, “worth it, worth it! “.

These sold express pieces are called “express blind box”, the anchors will broadcast in the live room: these are returned, unclaimed, lost payout over express pieces, who also The game is all about heartbeat.

In the shopping cart below, the average price of express blind box 10 meters (yuan, live broadcast often “rice” instead of) a pound, usually 2 pounds to start selling. 2 pounds of parcels have about 10-20 small pieces, unwrapped. 20 small pieces, unwrapped out of a mask, data lines, phone cases, and stickers, toothpicks, bells, spoons, ribbons and so on.

Walking into the live room of the express blind box is like walking into a lottery station, everyone wants to buy a “treasure”.

In fact, such a temptation is also extremely effective, in Taobao, Jindo and live platform, businesses will promote the express blind box can be removed from the phone, tablet, inviting people to try their luck.

It is the “jackpot” mentality, so the blind box economy quickly become popular, the express blind box business is also rapidly booming. Courier supply exceeds demand, the price rose from 3,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan per ton, to do the courier blind box business people want to take the goods, but also to find relationships, advance reservations to get the goods possible.

Is there really that much used express? A number of businessmen told reporters that the courier pieces will be mixed with the inventory of tail goods sold together, self-made courier blind box, is the circle of unacknowledged, but open secret.

And whether it is true or false courier pieces, as long as you believe that the blind box can be removed from the prize, is a leek to be cut in the eyes of the business.

1, 10 tons of goods per day, courier blind boxes in short supply

Do express blind box a year, Wang Bin is to catch the wind.

May 8, Wang Bin’s warehouse and received a ton of express pieces, express packages were packed with dozens of green sacks, yards in the basement down the stairs in the corner.

The ton of courier in front of you, pulled over in the afternoon, the next morning will be pulled away. Wang Bin did not hide the red-hot express blind box business.

He roughly estimated that the average daily shipment of 3 tons, the most day out of 10 tons. In his circle of friends, there are often such records, a loading and unloading of the video, with the text “Today another 5 tons of goods. “

The stall selling express blind box businessmen, is Wang Bin’s main customers. Wang Bin told reporters, “a month of 1 million sales, at least 600,000 are taken by them. “Wang Bin is not worried about the goods can not go, the trouble is the source of goods. For this reason, he kept sending messages in Yiwu’s courier group, “recycling headless courier pieces, there are channels of private me. “

Ma Yu operating an express cloud warehouse in Yiwu, to help sell goods anchor, merchants to do a piece of hair, both to contact the merchant, but also to deal with the courier company, Ma Yu soon sniffed the business opportunities of the express blind box.

Most of his dispatch pieces are small commodities for daily use, earning 20 cents per piece, 10,000 orders per day, to ensure a profit of two thousand a day. However, if you do courier blind box, an average of 3.5 yuan a catty received goods, sold to 10 yuan a catty, live for three or four hours to unpack, a night to earn a thousand dollars is easy, and through live, but also to attract local or foreign businesses wholesale, profits can also be stacked.

A number of merchants recall that these express pieces earlier extremely worthless, almost no one wants. A scalper Wang Bo, who specializes in recycling couriers from courier companies, will disassemble the courier pieces and sell them as ordinary department stores.

In late 2020, the courier blind box is still a niche and private business. Some people came across the courier company shipments, 3,000 yuan a ton, which translates into 1.5 yuan a pound. At that time, there were already people from Yiwu to sell courier blind boxes, “8,000 yuan a ton, others do not even look at the direct pull away”, the difference between the profits of up to several thousand dollars a ton.

By March of this year, the business of courier blind boxes are known. Yiwu, a Yuan Tong Express site responsible for confused, after the Spring Festival, often people come to ask if there is an expired courier, unclaimed courier pieces, “suddenly everyone is asking for courier blind boxes “.

2, the real “express” is only a few

Courier blind box market is hot, there are really so many unclaimed courier pieces?

Wang Bo often records the situation when he went to the courier company to pull the headless courier pieces, several 9 m 6 car lined up, filled with courier pieces of burlap bags clanked upward yards, a pull is a few tons. Wang Bo often pulled directly from the courier company to customers, made into a blind courier box for sale.

According to Wang Bo, courier companies abandoned courier pieces mostly from e-commerce platforms off the shelves of the tailgate, as well as large e-commerce returns not returned. Sometimes the volume is very large, dozens of tons are there.

Ma Yu also revealed to reporters, he will from time to time find a friend of the courier point to pick up the goods, the courier pieces of China Unicom, Polar Rabbit have received.

However, the reporter asked the rhyme, zhongtong, shentong and several other sites, the site said no headless pieces, returned pieces will be returned to the merchant or user. Only one Yuan Tong Express site said there is a large backlog of abandoned pieces, there are more than 10 tons.

According to industry sources, although the odds of payout pieces, unclaimed courier pieces are relatively small, but the volume of obligatory courier. Yiwu courier pieces in April reached 1.9 billion pieces, with a probability of 0.001%, may be 19,000 pieces of express.

And Wang Bin said three tons of headless courier pieces can go every day, obviously Yiwu’s express is not enough. Home is more willing to put the courier blind box market sources of goods constantly hot attributed to the courier company will be the backlog of inventory in previous years pulled out, but when the inventory is pulled out, the new headless courier pieces will be significantly reduced.

In fact, the time when merchants can get express pieces is not stable. Wang Bo will let customers pay a deposit first, with the goods sent first. But Wang Bo can not say, is five days, or a week can arrive, “need to wait”.

When the courier pieces are not quite enough, “fake” courier pieces came.

3, pieces of paper, head rope into the “courier blind box”

“Where there are so many real courier pieces. “

This is almost tailgate street merchants consistent knowledge, to tailgate street to collect inventory, and then go back to the package express blind box too many people.

A few months ago, Li Mei met someone to collect cell phone cases, three dollars a pound, a pound of twenty to thirty, not only to take their own store’s goods, but also took the entire street inventory. Li Mei could not help but ask him, “What business? “The other side replied,” do blind boxes.

Making blind boxes is not a new thing. Some inventory owners will be their own package, put the package in the box at the door to sell, with express cartons packed, with a face sheet, go wholesale, a three dollars.

In fact, it is very easy to make a fake courier. A stock merchant taught experience, courier pieces randomly packaged, the bill is also very good to get, as long as the courier company previously filled the bill, or find a merchant who has filled the bill, repeatedly print the previous courier bill number on the line, do not go to the courier company to scan the code, “how much there is. “

In the case of not being able to find the source, making fake courier is a much simpler way.

In Wang Bin’s warehouse, tons of courier pieces next to the bastion of a dozen cardboard boxes, is Wang Bin pull back the inventory tail, there are head cords, lipstick boxes, these will also be wrapped into the “express blind box “.

Sometimes Ma Yu will also package some good pieces, mixed in the not-so-good courier pieces.

It is difficult to distinguish between real and fake courier pieces. 90 after the blind box businessman Zhang Ke, will generally pick the courier pieces all over again, the good pieces sold 10,000 a ton, the second point 8,000, the remaining courier pieces and then packaged at a low price to sell, he found that sometimes people will be stuffed with pieces of paper, garbage bags into the courier pieces.

Zhang Ke has encountered a cheap, six thousand dollars to recover the goods, open a look at all the garbage. However, such garbage and can be resold second-hand, Zhang Ke said, especially to foreign customers, “to do a one-time deal, this wholesale goods sent can not be found. “

If the merchant receives substandard goods, you can go to the tailgate street to find some old appliances, used cell phones, drones, old appliances are often more than ten dollars a pound, bad or not, in the live demolition of one or two, not only can improve the curiosity of live network users, but also to increase the volume of transactions.

An inventory merchant has had such experience, once in a pile of courier pieces demolished a camera, although this single loss, but the day soon sold burst.

4, “pick up” is basically impossible

Regardless of the real blind box, the probability of being able to remove good things are very small.

Zhang Ke said that the most is the daily necessities, the most can be removed from the rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth headphones, pearls small string, it is impossible to remove the phone and tablet, “valuable items we will take SF, SF flow out of the returned pieces are very few, most will be returned to the original. “

In fact, from the way the courier pieces also know that there are not many times when you can pick up.

Most of these courier pieces from in addition to SF, Jingdong outside of the four Tong Yi Da, pole rabbit and other courier companies. Yiwu eight foot pond tailgate street multiple merchants, and express blind box labeling information shows that the origin of the express blind box can be roughly divided into brush pieces, return pieces, payout pieces, unclaimed expired pieces, etc..

To return pieces, for example, the user’s return pieces, may be the business abandoned to return pieces. Wang Bo said the source of the most is Poundland, a couple of pieces of packages more items, users refuse to accept, because of the low price, merchants are too lazy to take back, courier companies may be directly stacked in the warehouse, into expired pieces.

Or not returned by the courier company, the merchant did not notice, or the price is low did not count. According to the Securities Times, a merchant previously sent a rabbit express, hundreds of returned pieces were lost. The reply from the pole rabbit express is that it can’t find the way to go.

There are also brush single pieces, a shopping platform waist merchants revealed that every day will brush 10 single or so, brush single pieces may be empty packages, may contain small items, because some express pieces do not need to be delivered, will also flow into the warehouse of the courier company.

There are also merchants found that the two years popular foreign trade pieces, such foreign trade pieces placed in the courier blind box is very popular, “we can not read the English words, thought it was something good, in fact, not practical at all “, Wang Bo said, for example, some clothes, tear out can not wear.

Zhao Yi specializes in the ground stall business of express blind boxes, in his opinion, after the northern market saturation, he flew to Chongqing to develop the market. When setting up a ground stall, his trick is to set up the stall in a place where there are many young people, because the express blind box is a fresh, and sought after by young people trend.

Zero live, Zhao Yi opened a live broadcast in Chongqing, sitting on a pile of courier pieces and fans chatting, “Today I went to a district with many elderly people, only 500 yuan of income in one night. “

This is still income is not very good. Wang Bin under the stall owner, someone 3 hours earned 1700 yuan, which became Wang Bin pulling downstream talk, in fact, Zhao Yi also felt that the courier blind box on the young people, as long as the courier box down a stall, until the closing, people will not be scattered.

A fan was extremely fascinated by Zhao Yi’s ground stall business, and opened a video chat with Zhao Yi in the live broadcast, “This business is too good to be true. ” the fan said.

Zhao Yi was inspired to take the three toothbrushes just unwrapped from the package in his hand and explain to the fan, ten dollars to sell these three is no one to buy, but if you wrap it up and sell it again, it’s different. You wait for him to unwrap it, you take the three brushes and ask him, just ask you if it’s worth it, ten dollars so much.

“He must have said it’s worth it, and that’s a done deal. “