The right way to save the degree of temperature loss

Snow rubbing the heart of the foot but harmful

We have long had a hidden error of common sense – in the “Ming Dynasty 1566” is reflected in the best: the snowy days, the court was punished for kneeling, directly frozen, the kind-hearted chief steward saved him back, but in the indoor rescue process, the ancients are the first intuitive feeling to save people, with snow rubbing limbs, but in fact This approach will delay the rescue time, and even help.

What is the first intuition? Well, frozen people, the limbs are cold and stiff, and the trunk area still has a trace of body temperature, so the ancient people very straightforward on the cold limbs to warm up, but we all know, with hot water bubble frozen meat, directly soak rotten, after all, the cell interstitial ice crystals will be because of a steep increase in body fluid temperature, rampage, tie everything up a mess.

So people are learning to be smart, with a little bit of snow rubbed melted, slowly warmed up, from this point of view is not wrong, but in the salvage is not right.

Because the human body freezes in the medical called level 2 hypothermia, this time, human limbs freezing is actually a self-protection, so that the body heat is preserved as much as possible in the trunk area, to maintain the basic temperature of the heart, and actively stop the flow of blood with the extremities.

After all, human limbs are actually a kind of radiator, we entered the frozen state, the heart does not dare to pump the hot blood to the limbs, or how much heat is not enough to dissipate, and eventually the brain and heart will enter hibernation, the pupils will be dilated, the heartbeat is low to once per minute, ordinary people look at the pupils, a touch pulse, almost no difference with death (in fact, this is close to the level 3 loss of temperature).

In this emergency hibernation self-preservation state, we outsiders should be the first time to maintain the core temperature of the casualty’s torso, neck, armpits, groin these places, find ways to warm up.

Instead of the first time rubbing feet and hands, basically so the hands and feet are warm, but the cold blood stored in the extremities also quickly flow back to the heart, this time, instead of saving the person to the S.

Therefore, in the future, we encounter the first aid problem of freezing, remember to look at Figure 3, first to maintain the core body temperature.

And do not move up to give a cup of hot water to drink, that instead of making the blood vessels dilate, lower blood pressure, loss of temperature more serious.

And when our body temperature drops below 29 °, that is the level 3 and level 4 loss of temperature, this time ordinary people do not get on, useless, as soon as possible to the hospital is the only way – because at this time, only intravenous injection of warm fluids into the body, ventilators for pulmonary heating exchange, there is a trace of return to heaven to re-temperature possible.

Later go hiking, if you encounter loss of temperature, you can put a baby warmer through a thin cloth over the neck, armpits and groin, may be able to save lives.

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Beef and rice:

The number of people killed in this mountain marathon in Gansu is so high, talking about the loss of temperature, many people do not understand why the loss of temperature death phenomenon also occurs in summer.

The first thing to understand is that the human body itself is a thermogenic body, and the outside world at any time and anywhere heat transfer effect, where temperature, humidity and wind effects are the most common factors leading to the loss of temperature.

To give the simplest example, even putting aside the severe weather extremes, even in the summer, the temperature difference between morning and evening, the morning temperature even if there are a dozen degrees, due to marathon sports will cause the body to sweat humidity increases, coupled with increased wind, it is also very easy to have a rapid loss of heat, resulting in the loss of temperature phenomenon.

Mild hypothermia, the core body temperature (the main distribution area of the human organs and digestive system) in 37 ℃ – 35 ℃, the body will feel cold, hands and feet began to numb and stiff, constantly chills, although finger control appears difficult, but still can touch and operate the phone.

moderate hypothermia, core body temperature at 35℃~33℃, uncontrollable and violent shivering, fatigue, decreased reaction, increased drowsiness, some of the most basic movements and tasks cannot be completed, and speech becomes slurred.

severe hypothermia, core body temperature at 33℃~30℃, consciousness begins to blur, not feeling cold or even not feeling cold, decreased response to cold sensation, difficulty in standing and walking, gradual loss of mobility, partial or complete loss of speech, body develops from violent shivering to intermittent shivering, and finally stops shivering as time gets longer.

In the death stage, the core body temperature is below 30℃, the body muscles are stiff and curled, the pulse and breathing are weak, the loss of will until coma, any impact from the outside world at this time may cause the heart to tremble slightly and thus stop beating, and the final end of this stage is death.

If there is a loss of temperature, in the mild to moderate stage if not paid attention to, once it enters a severe loss of temperature still not rescued, and finally will lead to death!

About the rescue, if you find the loss of temperature, the first thing is to safely transfer, find shelter, can not continue to be exposed to the outside.

Secondly, we should avoid letting the body touch large areas of things that conduct heat quickly, such as the ground, walls, and try to preserve body heat.

Then to let the body dry, replace the wet clothes, find ways to dry the body, into the sleeping bag or insulation blanket.

After that, the core area of the body heating, such as hot water bags heat paste on the neck, armpits, groin and other core areas to warm up, remember that you can not be measured hands rub feet. Because the temperature of the extremities will lead to cold blood reflux impact on the heart, a large amount of cold blood back to the heart will lead to heart rate dysregulation.

Finally, to replenish energy, such as drinking high-energy hot sugar water, hot chocolate and so on, the reason why people will lose temperature is that the body’s heat production can not compete with the loss, if the vomiting reflex and swallowing ability of the person who lost temperature is not significantly affected, you can let him eat a little hot liquid food, but remember not to give him alcohol, alcohol will only cause the illusion of warmth, but will make the heat loss faster.