What to rely on to face the unknowable future

Our happiness, in fact, are only half a bucket. For many girls, happiness is sitting in a beautiful dress, backed by an infatuated boyfriend, claiming that the car and car. If it is only these, then I can say with full justification, you are far from happiness, far from.

We are happy, in fact, only half a bucket. In the past two days, people keep saying that my life is perfect beyond imagination. Don’t be confused. Who’s happiness is not a quick fix, who’s happiness cushioned by the unpleasant past.

I vaguely remember, the year before last in Guangzhou, early in the morning with a bag of information to meet customers, did not bring an umbrella. The sky is raining heavily, I wore a white shirt from an old street in Guangzhou under the trees and wretched, and when I entered the underpass, my clothes were covered with mud, my hair was wet, and I was already a ghost. I have never been in such a mess in my life. Then the customer called the phone in the bag has been vibrating all the time, I was frightened to answer the phone listening to the head of the general urging of birds, at that moment I heard the voice of my heart, I can never be able to, the city as a home.

A few days later, the rent had to be paid. There were still more than a thousand dollars left in my hand, but I didn’t have the face to reach out to my family.

The most ridiculous thing is that at that time I still had a claim of love. Now, in retrospect, I can only say that on the way to grow up, there must be a man, he subverted all your imagination of love, wear out all your vain extravagance, let you taste your parents never stained in the painful crack life, he sent you into the clouds in the name of love, and then let you fall to the ground with the reality of the crime. After crushing your body, let you from an angel into a mortal.

So after the woman has two kinds of endings, one, repeatedly taught to continue to be a bitch. Undoubtedly you see me, is the second kind. The first thing you need to do is to get up and do it again, one step at a time, and walk more steadily.

The so-called love, you can achieve a woman, but more often than not, its significance is to break a woman’s confidence in life, so that she can not see any hope for the future, and then it floats away to the side, looking coldly at the bruised and battered you, is rotten in place, or rebirth in the fire.

In fact, sometimes a man really did not do anything, but he just let you feel desperate. You live with him in a city, keep the love in the city of fire and ice, two people pay poorly, you are very tired to go home. He won’t cook, and you’re exhausted.

At that moment, you asked yourself what you were really doing for. Your life is so tied up with him that you don’t understand what will happen to you if you leave him. You don’t love him anymore, and you don’t know if he loves you or not. Only know today, it does not matter tomorrow.

Twelve she describes: Yet I am still me. Will not forget how they came one step at a time.

And I, encountered those who have been in the life of the chaos, now I think about it, I have palpitations, but there is as much relief. I never want to erase those memories, because only to keep those unpleasant memories, you can clearly realize what is real, what is love, what is life, what is long. When you occasionally dream of those, when you wake up, you find yourself lying in today’s bed, in addition to glad, glad, or glad.

I’m glad I left that man, I’m glad I left all that vanity, I’m glad I got away from all that innocence and childishness, I’m glad I left that city.

Without these past, you would not have been pushed by the hand of fate to this point, you would not have wanted to live in another city, closer to your family, closer to the food market, closer to the mundane world, closer to your true happiness.

I have said that you have asked me over and over again how to be happy. In fact, I really can’t understand how you can feel happy. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

For many girls, happiness is to sit in a beautiful dress, backed by an infatuated boyfriend, claiming that the car is equipped with a car.

If these are the only things, then I can say with full justification, you are far from happiness.

Behind the fancy clothes, perhaps you need to constantly constantly face friends to borrow money to borrow money again, the infatuation boyfriend may indeed be distracted – sorry people are good, is not laundry cooking decoration, and also like to play computer games to play a few days will not look at you; car and car? Ha ha, more interesting.

Your dear man only said that he will give you a happy nest, people did not say that the nest is rough, and the decoration is to be your own paste also part-time when the contractor and hourly workers, oh yes, after the completion of your property or property, to be responsible for security, fire and theft prevention. The car? Not to mention, do you know that you need to personally overhaul, parking fees are very expensive, insurance is not cheap, parking spaces are very tight, late return from traffic jams will lead to quarrels, gas prices are rising day by day – let the men to engage? Ha ha, come on, people are making money in front, justifiably will not care about your chicken scratch.

This is the full picture of happiness. What you see as happiness, the tip of the iceberg. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. At that time you will ask yourself again, am I happy, I am not happy. Where is my happiness?

Dear you’ll think, my happiness is if everyone gives me to fix everything, it’s good!

If you think this way, that is happiness is always on the way, you are clad in happiness but you do not know all about it. Why, you don’t even have the ability to control happiness when it comes, how else do you want to possess it.

I don’t understand why most people think that marrying a rich man will solve all their problems. If you start out with such an idea, I can only say that when you get to that point, you will feel how ridiculous this idea is. Because back then, that’s how I felt.

It was only when I decided to get engaged that my mom opened up in heartache and scolded me, saying why people don’t care about anything, it’s all your concern.

It was only when I understood all that, and then back to her: Mom, isn’t that what marriage is all about? The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. I am not the emperor’s daughter.

You and I are just ordinary women who have to face the food, oil, salt and vinegar, eating, drinking, sleeping, and now when I talk about it, you don’t think it’s anything, that’s because even I downplayed it. The life of each person is wearing a cotton jacket, wet and heavy or light, just because you have not walked farther, have not been more sunshine.

I am not a godfather, nor a model of happiness, I am just a pioneer. Herald just means, having learned more lessons. Then one gets experience, one gets boldness, one gets judgment. In times of bumps, in times of rainstorms, I relied on these to sustain me until I saw the rainbow.

Happiness is definitely not an ending.

It is a process, a state, an ability. This process requires you to persevere and work long and hard, cry and smile, choose and judge, abandon and fight. The first thing you need to do is to fight for the resources that are good for you, leave those who consume your youth, and hold on to a braver and smarter version of yourself, without abandoning, without giving up, without fear, without running away.

Then, you rely on these to face the future of the unknowable.

Then, you can rely on these to hold happiness, perfect happiness, and take care of happiness.