Warning to China! Formation of Australian and French ships cruises South China Sea

As relations between Australia and China continue to be strained, the Australian Department of Defense announced via Twitter on the 22nd that the Australian Navy’s Anzac-class patrol ship HMAS Parramatta “(HMAS Parramatta) and the French Navy ships in formation sailing in the South China Sea to strengthen the interoperability between the two forces (interoperability), a strong implication of warning to China.

The U.S., Japan, France and Australia held the “Joan of Arc 2021” (ARC21) joint exercise on land and sea in the East China Sea and Kyushu, Japan from 11 to 17, with the U.S. Marine Corps, the Japanese Land Self-Defense Force and the French Army training together in Kyushu and Australia participating in the East China Sea exercise.

After the exercise, the French Navy participated in the ARC21 exercise with the amphibious assault ship FS Tonnerre and the patrol ship FS Surcouf, and the cruiser The French army is also on a tour of the South China Sea in formation with the patrol ship Baramata.

In fact, before arriving in Japan, the French warship had already participated in the “Quadrilateral Security Dialogue” (Quad) of the United States, Australia, India and Japan, the four countries “La Perouse” joint exercise. Then, the Thunder arrived in Japan along the southern waters of Taiwan, while the Surcouf traveled north through the Taiwan Strait.

The French-led “La Perouse” exercise was first held in 2019, with the participation of four fleets from the United States, Japan, Australia and France, and this year it was held in the Bay of Bengal from April 5 to 7.

Previously, the Australian Navy patrol ship HMAS Anzac and the supply ship HMAS Sirius had also participated in the exercise in mid-April with “HMAS Thunder and HMAS Sulcuf were on a joint exercise in the South China Sea in mid-April.