Brainwashing a complete failure! Mo Yan a story again led to hot debate

On the 22nd, the mainland media recounted a story told by the famous writer Mo Yan at the Nobel Prize ceremony, which was the painful experience of a son who witnessed his mother being slapped. The story has once again sparked heated debate among netizens.

The article recounts that at the Nobel Prize ceremony, Mo Yan said, “One of the most painful things I remember is following my mother to collect wheat in the collective field. The tall man slapped her in the face and confiscated the wheat we had collected, whistling and walking away. My mother sat on the ground, bleeding from the corners of her mouth, with a look of despair on her face that I will never forget. Years later, the man who was guarding the wheat field met me at the market, and I rushed up to seek revenge on him, but my mother held me back and calmly said: the man who beat me and this old man are not the same person. Thus my mother taught me tolerance and understanding.”

In the article, Mo Yan once said: “My mother is my starting point.

This starting point is not only the starting point of life and living, but also the starting point of literary creation, and at the same time the starting point of establishing correct values.

According to the article, Mo Yan’s purpose in telling this story is to show that my mother taught me tolerance and understanding. However, many people heard a different flavor, and their focus was here: Why did you steal the collective sheaves of wheat?

If we continue along this line of thought, it is that Mo Yan glorifies his mother’s theft of collective interests and vilifies the wheat guardians who guard public property. This is a despicable and dirty thought.

To put it more seriously, the ears of wheat can be attributed to the state’s property, and Mo Yan’s words are a disservice to the country’s training and to the honorable resume of having enlisted in the army. Obviously, this has risen to the political level.

The article said that there are also netizens who question: in those days, the wheat harvest is finished, the ears of wheat is picked up at will, which there is beaten said? So Mo Yan’s story is a fabrication with an ulterior motive, a deliberate attempt to smear China, otherwise how could he have won the Nobel Prize? This is an accepted fact.

The article argues that when this story appears in the 21st century, when dozens of springs and autumns have passed since that time, when many young readers do not know much about the scene at that time, the long-lost cattle and ghosts will reappear, and all kinds of sophistry will emerge.

In this regard, I have to question the degree of distortion of contemporary values, as well as the boredom of countless barbarians on the Internet, and the fearlessness of those ignorant people who dare to make arguments without in-depth understanding.

After the article was published, it triggered hot debates among more than 100,000 netizens.

One netizen said, “If people really understood how poor rural people were in those days (you have to understand why they were poor first), you would understand why they stole the collective Maiho”.

One netizen said, “You should know about chewing bark and eating grass roots, my grandmother told me she did that when she was alive.”

Someone else said, “I’m 40 years old, I’m from rural Feixi, Anhui Province, and I have a second aunt who died of starvation in those days.”

There are also netizens who lamented, “Just a record of historical facts, is to discredit “

Some netizens commented, “There are black not allowed to say? To have a deep reflection, the spirit of profound analysis in order to progress. Not self-confidence?”

A netizen said, “Support Mo Yan.”

Netizens said, “only a few days to eat a full meal can not remember when hungry, you have not seen can only mean that you have not experienced that era, you are lucky, go ask those who have experienced, you know the whole family hungry hug together crying is really not a story! “

A netizen then said, “because of the award, and not through the Association, is bound to be black, just like Tu Youyou, if another award, the same black can not find the north”

A netizen said, “It’s not normal to pick up wheat ears? In those days, even the grass on the mountain to steal cut”

Some netizens also recalled, “My grandfather when he was alive, once hungry really can not stand, stole the production team’s ???? The first time I was caught, I was hung up and beaten.”

Several netizens even introduced their personal experiences and sarcastically said, “I have also picked up, also picked up peanuts, I have discredited everyone”, “I have also picked up wheat ears, added trouble to the country”.

One person expressed a different point of view, he said, “not to discredit the weak generation award”

Immediately by a number of netizens rebuttal, some people said “a floor really shame”, and others said “a floor is not shame, is stupid! Washed by the brainwashing. “, there are also people who say “this is still called smear, that starving millions of souls are waiting for people like you, right?