Taiwan’s epidemic is serious, with 321 more people infected every day, and a total of 400 officers and soldiers.

Taiwan’s epidemic continues to be serious, the Central Epidemic Command Center announced that 323 new confirmed cases, including 321 local cases, and two new fatal cases. Commander Chen Shih-chung said, earlier because of the detection of large quantities, traffic congestion, May 23 will be 400 native disease “correction”, allocated to the days of last week, which is equivalent to an increase of 721 cases today. Chen Shizhong said the distribution of cases to New Taipei City increased by 384 cases, Taipei City added 269 cases. However, under the epidemic, there are people who ignore the authorities’ restrictions on gathering, and in Hengchun, Pingtung, there are people who find that there are B&Bs picking up customers every night, and there are no cover parties at night.

The company’s chairman, Wu Yifang, said earlier that he was willing to provide vaccines to Taiwan; however, Chen Shizhong said in an interview tonight that many people have been talking frequently, but the Ministry of Health and Welfare has not received any applications from anyone, and said that if you want to import Chinese vaccines, you have to go through a review process.

Chen Shizhong pointed out earlier that a combination of cases of illness and testing from 7 to 20 this month, the most cases in New Taipei City accounted for 384 cases, with 103 cases in Panchiao District, followed by 269 cases in Taipei City, with 174 cases in Wanhua District. Other areas include Taoyuan City with 20 cases, Taichung City with 11 cases, Keelung City with 9 cases, Pingtung County with 5 cases, Changhua and Kaohsiung with 4 cases each, Yilan, Hsinchu City and Hualien County with 3 cases each, Hsinchu County with 2 cases, and Tainan, Miaoli, Nantou, and Yunlin with 1 case each.

Many reporters present questioned Chen’s “corrective regression” of the cases, and even questioned whether they were worried about the impact on the stock market before choosing to announce it over the weekend. Chen Shizhong explained that the premise of the correction of the figures is that the previous declaration process is too cumbersome and time-consuming, and patients are very slow to get the test results, and now the declaration process is simplified and speeded up, so the accumulated cases can be reported at once, completely unrelated to the stock market.

Although a total of 721 new local cases today, but Chen Shizhong said, observing the recent trend of detection, the positive rate has gradually decreased from 6.3% on the 15th of this month to about 2.2 to 2.9%, hotspots in Taipei Wanhua and the surrounding areas of the positive rate did not rise again, but also compared to earlier reduced a lot, maintaining a stable.

As for the two new fatal cases, the first patient is a male in his 80s, sent to the hospital in the evening of May 19 with symptoms such as coughing, fever, breathing difficulties and general malaise, and died on the 20th, confirmed today after the examination. The family said the deceased did not move around in the Wanhua district and had no contact with the confirmed case. The other deceased was a male in his 70s who had been in contact with a confirmed case. On May 18, the health unit requested home isolation and went to the hospital for testing the next day, and when the health unit called afterwards, the patient claimed to be asymptomatic, but on the 21st, the family found the patient without breathing and heartbeat and pronounced him dead that day.

Taipei City authorities received a report at noon today, Wanhua District, Xichang Street, a unit emitted the smell of corpses, police officers, firefighters arrived to contact the owner, 4 p.m. broke into the door and found a man who had contact with the Wanhua tea room related to confirmed patients, is currently independent health management died in the house, it is believed that he has been dead for a long time, the authorities will investigate the cause of his death.

Central epidemic command deputy commander Chen Zongyan this morning at a press conference and stressed that the current prevention of epidemic hotel, disinfectant alcohol are very adequate, calling on the public not to worry, for the former chairman of the Kuomintang Hung Hsiu-chu claims to want to become a bridge to communicate with the Beijing authorities to fight for mainland vaccines, Chen Zongyan rebuked the people of Taiwan is currently the mainland vaccine “lack of confidence “The government, through the WHO COVAX platform and the purchase from individual vaccine manufacturers, has reached a certain number.

Yesterday the most new cases in New Taipei City, New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi announced this morning that tomorrow (May 23) will be in Panchiao and Zhonghe two districts, the establishment of the “hot zone epidemic prevention center”, the launch of a three-day “enhanced three-tier epidemic prevention measures”, including the establishment of mobile screening stations In addition, the company will set up a “hot zone prevention center” in Panchiao and Zhonghe districts to launch a three-day “intensive three-tier prevention measures,” including the establishment of mobile screening stations, comprehensive cleaning and disinfection, high-frequency patrols, hot zone care and enhanced epidemic prevention education.

After the medical, banking and insurance industries, it was reported today that a number of firefighters who assisted with the outbreak in Wanhua District, Taipei City, tested positive for the rapid test and have been quarantined and further tested for nucleic acid to determine if they are infected with the disease. Chen Zongyan said at a press conference this morning that the authorities received reports that five firefighters from Wanhua and surrounding areas tested positive, but no further reports were received, and he stressed that the fire department had launched a contingency plan to ensure that it would not be affected by the epidemic.

As for the China Post, following the earlier news that two employees were diagnosed and three tested positive for the rapid test, it was reported today that another counter employee was diagnosed at the Hanzhong Street Post Office in Wanhua District. The report said that this employee usually lives a regular life, outside of work hours are left at home, usually only to supermarkets, convenience stores shopping, the initial estimate is that may be infected with the post office to do business with the public contact, the post office yesterday evening has been emergency full disinfection.

The Taichung City Health Bureau said in today’s epidemic prevention press conference, a 33-year-old housewife recently visited Changhua, fever on the 18th, the 20th to the hospital fast screening positive, her husband served in a national army unit in Taichung City and has been diagnosed, the Ten Corps confirmed the news in the evening, the unit was informed, immediately with the local health bureau for epidemic investigation, another in accordance with the provisions of the start of contingency procedures.