Hollywood blockbuster real behind-the-scenes picture shooting scene super embarrassing

It is well known that Hollywood movies are the leading level in the world, after all, this is also one of the eight pillar industries in North America, but most of the movies are actually filmed in the studio, using key tracking technology combined with three-dimensional production, both to save costs and safety.

But this also greatly tested the actors’ acting skills, the face of the green cloth without physical performance, the real shooting scene may also be very awkward, today to show you some classic images of the shooting scene.

The Avengers

Every time Hulk becomes an eight-foot-tall, 1400-pound green monster, Mark Ruffalo has to pretend that he is strong, in fact, during the shooting of “The Revenant” Mark lost a lot of weight, but he is also the most tracked point inside the reunion. However, in addition to CG effects, Mark sometimes wears special shooting costumes, slightly smaller than the Hulk body type.

I Am Legend.

A man, a gun and a dog, Will Smith with the film won numerous awards, although the film investment of $ 150 million, but most of the film’s big scenes are post-production, even the film’s zombie pets are fake. Fortunately, Will Smith’s acting skills are solid enough, otherwise the face of such a shot, do not laugh can not help ah.

Beauty and the Beast

And the real shooting screen but the beauty and handsome, the film of the beast’s character Dan Stevens has starred in “Sense and Sensibility” “Downton Abbey” and other films, is a rare type of handsome man. In this scene, the fresh Emma Watson can keep calm is also praiseworthy.

Harry Potter

The flying scene in Harry Potter always fascinates the audience, yet in reality Harry Potter riding a broomstick is like a lost soul wandering back and forth, and most of the scenes in Harry Potter are shot in this way.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” in the scene of hanging to take the book, those books did not really float on the shelves, but by the prop actors with green palms handed to the heroine.


Also flying with pleasure is Superman, flying through the sky at supersonic speed, while the scene he was just hanging in the air, the body on both sides and back are suspended from the weave.

Spartan 300 Warriors

In contrast Spartan filming is much more extravagant, not only with the creation of scenery, but also many stone statues. Just the two giant statues are also very graphic, if not next to the blue cloth, there must be a sense of immersion.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This movie is directed by Martin Scorsese and the main character is Leonardo DiCaprio. It is reported that the start-up budget of this movie is $100 million. Therefore, during the shooting, the crew was not as extravagant as “The Great Gatsby”, in which Little Lee moved into a luxurious manor house, while the fact is that he moved into a green cloth fence.

The Wonderful Adventures of a Young Man

For this film, director Ang Lee not only learned six months of underwater photography, but also with the male lead in a year of auditions, and finally won a number of Oscars. There are many shots of the tiger in the film, not knowing that it is a doll doll wrapped in blue cloth.

And in the shooting of this scene, Ang Lee built a small swimming pool, basically all the scenes were shot in this boat and this pool, so “The Boy Wonderland” also won the art design, special effects and other awards.

Game of Thrones

“Dragon mother” Emilia Clarke for a dragon slaughter a city, while the reality is that the dragon mother for a rag doll slaughter the city ……

There is a scene in the film Emilia sitting on a rock on the mountain, raising her hand like stroking a baby to pat and soothe her dragon, it is reported that this scene dragon mother also laughed several times.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Set in an anti-utopian world where fuel and water are scarce, makeshift cars and trucks roar across the dangerous desert, but everything the audience sees is post-production.

Empire by the Sea

American dramas are a hit because they are produced with the same level of detail as movies, and “Empire by the Sea” spends most of its investment on visual design, with the producers paying a high price to hire a company that specializes in visual effects, while domestic dramas tend to spend the bulk of their money on actors.


Titanic” directed by James Cameron in 1997, so far 24 years not only the world’s first box office, the quality of its footage to the present is also unsurpassed. The shot of Leo and Kate in the bow of the ship this scene has become a century classic, in fact, this scene is also made by keying.

Guardians of the Galaxy

At first, the directors had a hard time finding someone to voice Rocket Raccoon, a transformed raccoon that was both funny and vicious.

But during filming, the comical Rocket Raccoon always made the actors laugh. In front of the camera, Gunn was dressed in green and was photographed like a pet dog.

Slam Dunk in the Air

This is an animated film, after all, in reality can foul dunk in Jordan’s head not many people, shooting set Jordan and some people wearing key green clothes playing ball, Jordan said straight out never so embarrassing to play.

The Avengers: Infinity War

Remember the epic battle scenes in “Infinity War”, tens of thousands of aliens appeared in the picture, in fact, it was a post-production digital enhancement of the scene, the scene group acting a total of 70 people, but in post-production added about 10,000 digital aliens.

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone” has amazed the audience with its CG effects, flying vampires, rapidly morphing werewolves, shocking battle scenes, etc. And this loyal wolf in the film is also tracked according to the portrait.

Mars Rescue

Mars Rescue” is known to be an epic movie with a brainy plot and vast space images. However, the shooting scene is like a vegetable shed, which is very simple.


based on the Marvel comics, was released in 2016. Ryan Reynolds’ appearance is always a surprise, voluntarily hanging upside down from a suspended car, still looks pretty cool? The scene is quite awkward.