Shock! 4.5 million deposit lost? This 40 million sold mansion was repented of the auction

On May 21, a foreclosure house was put up for auction by Ali Auction.

The foreclosure house is not others, it is a few months ago the sensation of Hangzhou city, “Hangzhou foreclosure house second expensive” Yiheyuan compound 8 building 34. 2021 February 21, the property to 24.85 million of the starting price of the auction, after more than 200 bids, to 40 million yuan of the total price of the sale, equivalent to a unit price of about 184,000 yuan / square meters, “blind” many onlookers. It was “blinded” by many onlookers. In the history of Hangzhou foreclosure, higher than this unit price has and only has Xu Qingfu former residence of 210,000 yuan / ㎡. The frenzied emotions reflected in this foreclosure also triggered, to some extent, the subsequent introduction of the new policy on foreclosure purchase in Hangzhou.

Image source: Ali judicial auction website

After the deal and then hang out the auction, there is only one explanation, that is, this set of houses repent of the auction.

According to Qianjiang Evening News, in fact, as early as the end of February, there was news that the buyer of the foreclosure house regretted it and wanted to return the house. But because the deadline for payment of the remaining auction price agreed in the auction announcement is March 8, it is not good to make a conclusion before the deadline. It is important to know that the auction deposit for this house was as high as 4.5 million yuan, and once the buyer regretted the auction, it also meant that the 4.5 million yuan deposit would be forfeited. Now the house re-entered the auction market, indicating that the buyer after repeated weighing, or choose to give up.

Image source: Ali judicial auction website

Why did the buyer regret the auction? A person with knowledge of the matter revealed that the buyer received a lot of harassing phone calls after the house was initially auctioned, making the buyer uncomfortable and feeling that the suite had led to personal privacy being affected, so he regretted it.

But in addition, the initial transaction price is much higher than the appraisal price (31,037,300 yuan), but also much higher than the market price of second-hand houses, perhaps also one of the reasons why the buyer regrets the auction.

It is worth mentioning that the second auction can still be sold for 40 million? According to Zhejiang Online, Yiheyuan in the first auction, when the foreclosure is still not restricted, but after the re-auction will be restricted. On the bidding announcement, it is clearly written that bidders (natural persons, legal persons and other organizations) who participate in the bidding should determine in advance that they are qualified to purchase houses in Hangzhou.

In the foreclosure reports before the purchase restriction, the reporter has mentioned many times that the price of many foreclosed houses actually includes the value of a house ticket, and its value is not comparable to that of ordinary second-hand houses. But after the purchase restriction, the foreclosed house value of this component and stripped, it and ordinary second-hand houses back to the same starting line, even if the foreclosure route, the value of a further discount. Because of this, the results of the second auction of Yiheyuan need to be viewed with caution and will probably not reach the 40 million of the first auction.

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