At least 16 runners killed in China’s Gansu 100km cross-country race

AFP reports that at least 16 runners were killed and five others are missing after a 100-kilometer cross-country race was suddenly hit by extreme weather in the mountains near the city of Baiyin in China’s Gansu province.

AFP quoted Xinhua as reporting that on May 22, 2021, Baiyin City, Gansu Province held the fourth Yellow River Stone Forest Mountain Marathon 100 km cross-country race, at about 13:00 on the day, the 100 km cross-country race high altitude section of 20 km to 31 km, affected by sudden extreme weather, hail, freezing rain, wind catastrophic weather, the temperature plummeted, the participants appeared unwell, loss of temperature and other conditions, some participants Some participants were lost.

A total of nearly 10,000 people participated in the race, including 172 runners in the 100 km cross-country race. As of 3:00 a.m. on May 23, 151 runners were confirmed safe, 16 runners were confirmed killed, and another 5 runners were lost and still in search and rescue. However, due to the complex terrain in the stage, the night temperature is very low, search and rescue is very difficult.

However, the number of deaths reported by the People’s Daily is slightly different from the above report, according to the newspaper, 15 people were killed and 6 were lost.