Former national badminton star blasts Li Yongbo: Olympic semifinals let me deliberately lose to Zhang Ning, forcing me to retire

Editor’s note: “Letting the ball go” is a unique feature of the Chinese Communist Party’s national system. A good athlete is not free to win by virtue of his or her ability; their fate is often manipulated by a dominant coach or higher-ups, leaving them with a lifetime of regret as the Chinese Communist Party works miracles in the sports world. The incident of table tennis player He Zhili is known to the world, but it does not change the usual practice of the Chinese sports world. Zhou Mi unveiled badminton handicap, also just the tip of the iceberg.]

Beijing time on May 22, former national badminton star Zhou Mi talked about the incident of ball letting back then. 2004 Athens Olympic Games badminton women’s singles semi-finals, Li Yongbo asked Zhou Mi to lose to Zhang Ning before the match, finally, Zhang Ning beat Dutch star Zhang Haili in the final to win the gold medal.

Zhou Mi was the mainstay of the national badminton team. 2004 Uber Cup, Zhou Mi performed well and helped China win the Uber Cup. 2004 Athens Olympic Games, she got the bronze medal. In the semifinals, she lost to Zhang Ning.

Zhou Mi said, “The coach gave me instructions, we must be in front of the national honor, I never thought more about personal problems, of course, the heart must be very aggrieved. The above requirements, but also can not let everyone see.”

Li Yongbo why do so, Zhou Mi said he did not understand, “I think I am young, against Zhang Haili is not at a disadvantage, my state is very good ah!”

And, Zhou Mi said, Li Yongbo more than once asked himself to let the ball, “the 2003 All England Open, I also let the ball, or the final, let to Gong Ruina, also arranged before the match.”

In 2006, Zhou Mi left the national feather, and, or Li Yongbo arranged. “In fact, it was the coach who asked me to retire, I listened to the coach, then I retired, in fact, it was not my choice to retire.”

Later, Zhou Mi returned to the top, but because she represented other associations, the fate of the world, she also failed to participate in the Beijing Olympics. 2010, Zhou Mi made a drug fiasco, and finally suspended for 2 years, retired in disgrace.

It can be said that Zhou Mi is definitely a tragic figure in the national feather, she had hopes to become an Olympic champion and reach the peak achievement as an athlete, but her own personal dream was ruined. For professional athletes, this is very cruel, especially standing on the Olympic stage, who does not want to take the gold medal? Zhou Mi was not without strength, but was asked to lose, so even though she obeyed at the time, it left a permanent regret in Zhou Mi’s heart.

Today, Zhou honey has been relieved, and she is now teaching children to play badminton.