More than 300 bodies on Mount Everest have a name, but why no one collects the body?

In the old poem, it is mentioned: “How is the Tai Zong, Qi Lu is still green”. The meaning of this line is: “The height of Mount Tai and even if you go far away, you can still see the peaks of Mount Tai between the clouds”. In fact, there are many famous peaks in China’s beautiful landscape, besides Mount Tai, there is also Mount Everest.

The main reason why Mount Everest is famous in the world is that the altitude of Mount Everest is more than 8848 meters. The altitude of Everest has been in a state of growth because of the crustal movement. Over the years, there are countless teams and individual expedition organizations that want to challenge Everest, and the higher the altitude of Everest, the more severe the environment encountered, which has led to an extremely demonic title of Everest, called “open-air graveyard”.

Because in 2019, the official mountaineering website gave out data has shown that the Mount Everest climbers on the body of more than 300, because of the extremely low temperature, so most of these bodies were well preserved, look carefully, but also in these bodies to find detailed personal identification information. So there are a lot of climbers outside of the crowd to express their doubts, why not from the humanitarian point of view to find a place for these bodies to root, in fact, the reason is very simple.

American mountaineering experts Tom once explained: according to the current level of mountaineering, if you want to better handle the remains on the road to Everest, the risk required to bear more, if you want to transport a body, perhaps 10 people will have to bear the risk of life. So the mountaineering enthusiast Tom also called on every climber who wants to conquer Everest, if not well prepared, do not easily mount this high mountain on the roof of the world, because there has been a previous lesson in front of the eyes, should be made to bear in mind the lessons of all hearts.

In June 1924, two mountaineering explorers from the United Kingdom formed a personal organization, wanting to set out in the side ridge of Tibet, China, to climb this civilization and the world’s first peak, however, the two groups set out after never heard from again, later some people speculated that this climbing Everest enthusiasts from the United Kingdom, it is likely to create the history of the first on the summit of Mount Everest, perhaps in the road down the mountain physical exhaustion, lost his life. But for this statement is only a speculation, nearly 100 years have passed since 1924.

It was not until May 1953 that a climbing enthusiast from New Zealand and his friends formed a team to climb Mount Everest and successfully reached the top of the mountain, the first person in the world to successfully climb Mount Everest and return to the bottom. The history of such a climb has the effect of remembering the times for the whole expedition and the people who climbed Everest.

Because before 1953, people have been trying to conquer this world’s first peak, but all to no avail, just take the more than 300 corpses on Everest, also in the world to prove: “the world’s first peak brought by the harsh environment, without the most tenacious will and the most adequate preparation work, it is impossible to succeed up and down”.

However, for the Everest climbing road process, those corpses that stay, now climbing Everest climbing enthusiasts have considered that is the roadmap material, because it is the testimony of every brave person in the history of climbing Everest. But most people believe that after many years, people’s technology and rescue means become more advanced, those unidentified but forced to stay on the half of Everest corpses will be properly disposed of the end.