IOC vice-president says Olympics will be held on time even under emergency conditions

At present, only two months left from the time of the Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese government has now implemented a declaration of emergency in Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka, Kyoto and other nine prefectures, from the 23rd Okinawa will also be included, and the coordination of the Olympic Games preparation status of the IOC Vice President, IOC Coordination Committee Chairman John Coates said on the 21st, even in Japan to implement the state of emergency declaration The Tokyo Olympics, scheduled to be held on July 23, will open on time.

Even under the state of emergency declaration, we have successfully conducted five test competitions,” Coates said at a press conference after an online meeting with the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games. All plans are in place to protect the safety of athletes and Japanese people, and they are all geared toward holding them in a worst-case scenario, so our answer to the question of whether the Games would open under a declaration of emergency is absolute,” Coates noted. In a document sent to Olympic stakeholders on May 19, Coates clearly wrote that IOC President Bach will visit Japan on July 12, and that he himself will come to Japan on June 15 for final coordination.

Coates noted: “The recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and all scientific advice indicate that all the measures we have taken in the entry guidelines are sufficient to ensure healthy and safe competition, and therefore are completely irrelevant to whether or not we are under a declaration of emergency.

The current emergency declaration in nine prefectures, including Tokyo, will last until May 31, and the emergency declaration in Okinawa Prefecture, which began on May 23, will last until June 20, while the Japanese government will decide at the end of the month whether to extend the emergency declaration in the nine prefectures that will last until May 31.