Qinghai 7.4 magnitude strong earthquake, the public street to take refuge in the high-speed bridge collapse

A strong earthquake of 7.3 magnitude occurred at 2:00 a.m. on the 22nd in Qinghai Province. People have taken refuge in the streets. (Video screenshot)

Three Chinese provinces were hit by earthquakes at the same time, including a strong 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Qinghai Province at 2:00 a.m. on the 22nd. People have taken refuge in the streets. The Qinghai provincial government reported at least two bridges collapsed at 4 a.m. A total of 104 aftershocks were recorded in more than 2 hours.

China Seismological Network (CSN) determined: At 02:04 on May 22, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in Mado County, Golok Prefecture, Qinghai, with a depth of 17 km. The quake was generally felt throughout the province of Qinghai, and was strongly felt in Xining.

According to the earthquake bureau of Guoluo Prefecture, the earthquake was strongly felt in Maduo County, Huashixia Town and Huanghe Township, with individual walls collapsing, and no casualties were reported.

The staff of the propaganda department of Mado County in Qinghai’s Guolu Prefecture said that the local earthquake was strongly felt and residents ran out of their buildings after the quake. Some people said they felt shaking from side to side while lying in bed.

Live video shows that many people wearing pajamas have run to the open space downstairs to take shelter, they have said, “feel a strong earthquake, scared to death.” “The bed is swinging, and the house is swinging.” There were also people in the crowd wrapped in quilts and ran outside.

The Qinghai Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference around 4:00 on the 22nd, saying that Qinghai has started a major earthquake disaster level II emergency response. Various departments have carried out disaster investigation.

Among them, the Yu Gong Expressway Drinking Horse Beach Bridge collapsed, Huajiu Expressway Changma River Bridge collapsed, and the two highways are closed for investigation. State and provincial trunk lines are severely damaged, deformed, bulging, etc. are being repaired. Power main line damage partial is being repaired.

As of 4:35, the Qinghai earthquake network recorded 104 aftershocks, of which, 4 earthquakes of 4 or more.

In 2010, a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.9 occurred in Qinghai, causing 3,000 people to die or go missing.