Guangzhou added to the risk area 1 person confirmed 60,000 people lined up for drug testing

On May 21, a woman was diagnosed in Guangzhou and the neighborhood in question was classified as a medium risk area and a lockdown was imposed. The 60,000 residents of the neighborhood lined up for nucleic acid testing in 34°C heat. (Composite video screenshot)

The outbreak in China continues to spread as a woman in Guangzhou was diagnosed with the CCP virus on the 21st, and the neighborhood in question has been classified as a medium-risk area and put on lockdown. The 60,000 residents of the district are lining up for nucleic acid testing in 34°C heat.

The website of the Guangzhou Municipal Health and Wellness Commission announced on May 22 that the outbreak occurred in Jinlong Huixinge, Longjin Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou, and was adjusted to a medium-risk area with immediate effect. Online videos show that the Liwan District Central Hospital, as well as nearby communities, streets and vegetable markets, have been cordoned off, with the Longjin Road market merchants pulling down their roll-up iron doors and police pulling up cordons around them. (Click to watch the video)

Guangzhou Liwan District Epidemic Prevention and Control Command informed on May 21, the afternoon of the 20th, a 75-year-old woman living in the Longjin Street Jinlong community, Guo, fever symptoms, to the Liwan District Central Hospital. 21 early morning, Guo was confirmed the diagnosis, has been isolated.

As of 5 p.m. on the 21st, the initial screening of the patient’s close contacts 16 people, have been concentrated isolation sampling, including the patient’s husband, children and other family members 7 people nucleic acid test results are negative.

Preliminary screening of close contacts of close contacts a total of 67 people, have all been isolated sampling, has 65 copies of the results are negative, the other two results to be released.

The notification shows that the patient has not recently been to the domestic medium and high risk areas, no history of overseas travel, 14 days before the onset of the disease has been living in Guangzhou, the main track of daily activities are near home.

The authorities have not announced the places Guo has been in and out of recently, but Guangzhou netizens disclosed on microblogging that Guo had gone to a restaurant on Zhongshan 7 Road for tea on May 17, and a family of eight went to a tea room in Shin Kong City Plaza for dinner that night.

On the 18th, Guo appeared headache, weakness, poor sleep and other symptoms, but did not seek medical attention, their own home to take medication. 19, Guo appeared low fever, body temperature 37.3 ° C, she went to Zhongshan 7 Road a teahouse as usual to drink morning tea.

On the 20th, Guo’s condition worsened, the temperature rose to 39 ° C, and went to the hospital for medical treatment. Some netizens teased, “wait for the trajectory out, you know that a nearby teahouse delicious.

There are also netizens said that Guo’s son-in-law had a business trip in Jieyang, grandson in Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to read public health career management, has been isolated in school.

On the 21st day, Liwan District, Longjin Street, Jinlong community and nearby people living and working, all nucleic acid testing. Apple Daily reported that in the middle of summer, the temperature in Guangzhou has reached 34°C. 60,000 people lined up in the streets under the scorching sun for the test. (Click to watch video)

The Guangzhou Municipal Government has asked people to stay away from the city and not to participate in any gathering activities until the results of the nucleic acid tests are available, and to seek medical attention at the nearest hospital if they feel unwell.

Some netizens have also been notified by their companies that they are required to undergo testing, while staying at home in isolation and waiting for the test results. (Click to watch the video)

A Mr. Ding, who lives nearby, said, “Basically, my house is surrounded by a semicircle, and now I don’t know whether to go home for good.”

As of the 21st, a total of 31,818 samples have been taken citywide in Guangzhou, of which 3,183 have come back with negative results.

In addition, Guangzhou authorities announced that the Liwan District Youth Palace and the Liwan District Youth Science and Arts and Sports Training Center suspended all courses from now on until otherwise announced.