German town repair road accidentally found a secret passage to the vault

A small town in western Germany recently sunken sidewalk, road repair workers in the repair operation, accidentally found a 8-meter-long secret tunnel, straight to the bank vault. Local police speculate that the tunnel may be the suspect tried to sneak into the town bank robbery by.

According to reports, the incident occurred in Germany’s North Rhine Westphalia town Spange (Spenge) a Volksbank (Volksbank), the bank in front of the sidewalk recently collapsed, the construction company workers to repair the construction, originally thought it was a drainage system problems, but unexpectedly, the workers to dig to 2 meters deep underground, surprised to see a diameter of about 1 meter, about 7, 8 meters long tunnel.

The local police investigated the report and found that the tunnel led to the vault of the Public Bank, starting from a transformer room of the electricity supplier and ending with a concrete wall.

Police said the bank robbers seem to have spent several months for this purpose, first in the transformer room ground dug out the entrance of the well-shaped channel, and then dug out the diameter of about 1 meter tunnel, the inner wall with a wooden board support, and the transformer room that side of the door lock has long been swapped.

Investigators said that although the passage has not yet been completed, but has been very close to the bank under the building. Therefore, it was determined that the suspects wanted to follow the plot of the movie, digging tunnels to rob the bank, but fortunately the walls of the bank were not breached, so that the plot of the bank robbers could be exposed in time.

In response, a spokesman for Banco Popular said that the bank’s internal facilities are quite well equipped to deal with the threat of theft by the suspects and that customers need not worry.

The case is not yet fully clear, and no suspects have been caught. A bank employee interviewed said that the attempted bank robbery by digging tunnels “usually only see this kind of thing on TV, it’s crazy”.