Charging speed 10 times faster “aluminum ion battery” was introduced

Recently, a company called GMG (Graphene Manufacturing Group) from Australia announced a new aluminum ion battery related tests, claiming that the new technology will be able to significantly improve the charging efficiency, ten times faster than the existing lithium-ion battery charging speed.

According to GMG, the new aluminum-ion battery will be an excellent replacement for the old lithium-ion battery, as it will charge faster, last longer and generate less heat.

Aluminum-ion battery power density of about 7000 W/ kg, is currently the best performance of lithium-ion battery 60%, in the same density can provide more battery capacity, and fast charging speed because of the material properties can improve efficiency, and can be within five minutes of the battery full.

In addition, the new battery technology can also extend the service life, GMG said according to experimental results that the battery can be charged and discharged for 2000 cycles, and safer than lithium-ion batteries, the battery heat is smaller, less likely to catch fire.

Interestingly, because aluminum ion batteries do not need lithium, so manufacturing costs are lower, and there is no need to export materials from China (most of the existing lithium-ion battery materials rely on Chinese exports), in addition to easy recycling, environmentally friendly and other characteristics.