Zhang Guo filming closed road “where to go to close where” caused public anger, the public to pick up children were stopped

Recently, the new drama directed by Zhang Guo was filmed in Jiangxi Wuyuan. on May 19, a media exposed a video of the crew filming to close the road, leading to the impassability of the passers-by and the conflict of the crew staff.

During the peak hours of the end of the day and the end of the school day, the crew still forced to close the road, taking iron bars to block pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles from passing, and parents who were ready to pick up their children from school were anxious.

The video shows a middle-aged man on a motorcycle yelling, “My child goes to school there, jokingly you are.” It is apparent that he was going to pick up his child from school, but his car was forcibly blocked by a young man wearing a black baseball cap.


Staff also used iron bars to directly block the road, an older man in black clothes pointed at the crowd and shouted ” Do not let him pass ” A woman was very angry and directly questioned the crew “Who told you to stop?” Finally the public still force through in spite of the block, the scene arguing sound, questioning sound endlessly, plus at that time the sky was still drizzling light rain, the whole picture can be said to be chaotic, conflict constantly.

Subsequently, wuyuan traffic police responded that: the crew where to shoot in which control. More caused the discontent of the masses.

According to the wuyuan county traffic police brigade notice shows, because the drama group in the east gate bridge to carry on the scene filming, so decides this road section to carry on the temporary vehicle control, in 2 days filming time, from 8 o’clock in the morning to 7 o’clock in the afternoon, the motor vehicle all temporarily cannot pass, the pedestrian and the non-motor vehicle divides the time to pass.

There are also netizens spiteful to shoot the scene on their own, taking up public resources is not appropriate.