Satomi Ishihara participated in the kickoff ceremony and her short hair caused a big reaction

Satomi Ishihara participated in the tee-off ceremony on May 17

May 17, Ishihara Satomi to participate in the kick-off ceremony

May 18, according to Japanese media reports, May 17, popular actress Ishihara Satomi to participate in the online live broadcast of the “Suntory Dream Match2021” opening ceremony, this is her six consecutive since 2014 (last year’s event was canceled due to the new crown epidemic) to participate in the ceremony, each time her pitching method will be concerned, this time she cut short hair also caused repercussions.

She challenged the Giants’ famous pitcher Masaki Saito’s pitching method, and before she started, Masaki Saito himself enthusiastically taught her the technique, but she still made a mistake when she started, and the pitch was supposed to be thrown at Yushin Takahashi, but it went through his back. She then smiled bitterly with remorse.

After completing this heavy duty, Satomi Ishihara said, “I’m really upset, I’ve trained so many times, and Saito taught me all the points, but I was good in training, but I didn’t do well in the official start, I was too nervous standing there.”

After the kickoff ceremony, the players present took a photo with Satomi Ishihara, which was made public on the tournament’s official Twitter and YouTube, and many fans praised short-haired Satomi Ishihara for her cute, leaving comments like, “Short hair is really super cute,” “Nice pose!”” As always, the finish is very high” “short hair is so cute” “very suitable for short hair! Perfect” and so on. Before the event started many netizens began to speculate what kind of pitch will be used by Satomi Ishihara this year and whose skills will be imitated, and as a result her short hair became the focus again after the ceremony, in addition, the audience was not invited to this competition due to the epidemic.