Nantong built a new high-speed railway city, illegal forced demolition and looting of factories

Nantong Petrochemical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was illegally and violently demolished by hundreds of people from Pingchao Township on April 28th this year, and all of the company’s equipment, raw materials and products were almost destroyed and the company and personal belongings were looted.

Liu Gang, the legal representative of Nantong Petrochemical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, mentioned in the complaint material that at 6:00 a.m. on April 28, the town government sent hundreds of people to carry out violent demolition. On May 9, the company found some of the stolen materials in the nest, and then reported to the police without filing a case.

Nantong petrochemical corporation representative Liu Gang: “He this illegal demolition ah, blackout ah, stop my water ah, said I am part of the housing illegal ah, and then began to demolition, the entire equipment all to their destruction, the team with the excavator directly to destroy it, and raw materials, (loss) at least 150 million la, my assets illegally disposed of, secretly sold, the public security does not file a case The police did not file a case and said it was a government action.”

Liu just said that the local government wants his company to relocate, because the compensation is too low, the agreement can not be negotiated, the town government in March this year, using various means to force the company to relocate, and forced to demolish part of the plant, in his application for administrative reconsideration period has not expired, the company was forced to demolition.

Liu Gang: “He does not agree with me, he said how much money, how much money, that is, one-third of the market price, I assessed 40 million, he said add you a three or four million, four or five million can, I have so many assets ah, is my hard work for so many years, how I completely devalued it?”

Liu Gang also said that the local government to build a new high-speed railway city, before a part of the small factory has been demolished, and will soon have to demolish a few factories.

According to public information, Nantong Petrochemical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. business scope, including the design and manufacture of Roots blowers; petrochemical machinery, general machinery manufacturing, etc..