The Chinese Communist Party illegally deprived of seniority and embezzled pensions

In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has illegally “zeroed out” the seniority of tens of millions of Chinese people, and has embezzled their pensions. As a result, the victims’ lives have been plunged into desperation. Beijing rights activist Wang Guoqi is one of them. After being stripped of his seniority, he has been left poor, sick, without income, and on the streets, and is constantly threatened and harassed by the police.

On May 21, Wang Guozhi told New Tang Dynasty about his experience of living on the streets, struggling to survive, and being harassed by the police.

Wang Guozhi: “The phone calls in the middle of the night. Or they will come to the door, you know? I have a girlfriend? Door to door, go to the girlfriend’s house to find, I am still not in. Aigoo, just can not survive, can not live, you say that this thing is a mess.”

Wang Guoqi said he has no money to rent an apartment and no income, his housing at Beijing Language and Culture University was also taken away, and his seniority was also cleared last May.

Wang Guozhi: “I was expelled from public office because of the June 4, 1989, and in ’92 I was sentenced to 11 years in prison for forming the China Freedom and Democracy Party. But during that time, they lost my file, and because they lost my file, I had to ask them to compensate me. Because in China, everyone knows that without

file is impossible to survive.

In 1992, Wang Guozhi and some Beijing dissidents were arrested by the Chinese Communist Party and sentenced to 11 years for “counter-revolutionary crimes” after they planned and organized the commemoration of the third anniversary of the June Fourth democracy movement. The purpose of the Chinese Democratic Party is to “end one-party dictatorship and establish a democratic system of government.

In May 2020, when Wang Guozhi applied for pension insurance, he was told that he had committed a “counter-revolutionary crime” and that his service prior to 1992 had been cancelled.

Wang Guoqi: “sentenced to imprisonment, is the public security organs have done to deal with the previous years of service are not counted, deprived, you said the sentence is a punishment. Then why do you need to be punished again, right? This is unreasonable.”

For this reason, Wang Guozhi in poverty and illness, no income, while wandering while defending rights.

Wang Guozhi: “I am now asking them to compensate me for the loss of my file, and my property, house, they must be financial compensation. Because I just 59 years old this year, my future days, if I am 100 years old, I still have more than 40 years, I have to eat I have to drink, I have to rent a house.”

Wang Guoqi said he got 1,170 yuan of low income insurance last year, but he needs at least 3,000 yuan to live in Beijing. And he has a heart condition and the sequelae of a brain hemorrhage, and relies on relatives and friends to buy him medicine. He hopes the international community will pay attention to Chinese visitors.