Li Keqiang happy to say that 200 million people “flexible employment” experts ironically: actually is the “odd jobs” of the precarious

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang hosted an executive meeting of the State Council on the 12th of this month, and the Communist Party media reported that the issue of employment was once again in focus, but in the face of 9.09 million new college graduates, he encouraged self-employment. Li also revealed that “200 million people are flexibly employed nationwide,” giving a clear picture of the real employment situation in mainland China. In this regard, commentator Zhong Yuan said that “flexible employment” is a new term invented by the Chinese Communist Party, which can be interpreted as not having a fixed job, and may be in a state of odd jobs from time to time, but obviously not stable, certainly not a full-time fixed job, and not a fixed half-time job, but actually not secure.

The Chinese Communist Party official stressed: “Flexible employment is an important channel for the masses to increase their income, and currently there are 200 million people in flexible employment nationwide”. However, Zhong Yuan pointed out that it is necessary to “promote college graduates’ self-reliance, employment and entrepreneurship”. It seems that 9.09 million graduating college students, many of them are destined to work and have to find their own way out.

Zhong Yuan said, according to the current pension insurance and social insurance regulations, the so-called “flexible employment” personnel, the relevant employment enterprises will not pay for their pension insurance. The “flexibly employed” people may lose their current jobs at any time, and they cannot apply for social insurance. In order to cover up the serious unemployment problem, the CCP only verbally coined the term “flexible employment”, but in reality it is not included in the scope of pension insurance and unemployment insurance, and “flexible employment” is not considered an employed person at all.

The Chinese Communist Party official also said, “to carry out a pilot platform for flexible employment of occupational injury protection, a reasonable definition of the responsibility of the platform enterprises, to explore the purchase of commercial insurance by enterprises using workers, insurance companies appropriate concessions, the government to increase support mechanism.

Zhong Yuan said, this shows that once the “flexible employment” staff suffered work-related accidents, the same can only admit their own misfortune, no one is responsible for them. In mainland China, there are 200 million working people in such a state, once again one of the largest in the world, and their jobs are either precarious or a significant number of them are actually unemployed for a long time. Of course, the CCP does not count these 200 million people as unemployed, but as “flexibly employed”.

On the 14th, the CPC State Council website again published an article “Li Keqiang: strengthen financial support for enterprises in industries that continue to be affected by the epidemic”.

The article mentions that “China’s self-employed businesses reached more than 55 million at the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and now there are more than 90 million, driving employment for more than 200 million people”.

On May 9, the Communist Party’s State Council website published an article, “Li Keqiang’s speech at the fourth meeting of the State Council on clean government,” in which Li said, “At present, the number of market entities has reached 1.4 million. the number of market entities has reached 140 million, and the activity level is roughly around 70%”.

This figure shows that at least 30% of small and medium-sized enterprises have actually ceased to operate, which is in line with the dilemma of more than 200 million people being “flexibly employed”.

According to the latest data released by the Chinese Communist Party’s seventh census, the working-age population in mainland China is 880 million people between the ages of 16 and 59, but the actual figure is probably much lower. Among the working population, which is obviously less than 880 million, there are 200 million people who are currently called “flexibly employed” by the CCP.

200 million/880 million = 22.73%, plus the CCP’s official unemployment rate of 5.5%, which simply means 22.73% 5.5% = 28.23%. I am afraid that the actual unemployment rate in mainland China should be at least 28.23%, which is the real status of China’s economy.

Zhong Yuan said, obviously, the export industry can not be optimistic; 200 million “flexible employment” and how many family members may be, the Chinese Communist Party’s so-called promotion of consumption, internal circulation has undoubtedly become empty words. The Chinese Communist Party is still boasting about the world’s second largest economy, and using it as a capital to confront the United States. Now that the big bubble is about to burst, I am afraid that the Chinese Communist Party is more worried about how long the Chinese people can endure it.