You can’t move! Israeli air strike on Gaza subway tunnel 15 km long

Israeli forces carried out a third attack on Hamas’ subway tunnel system in Gaza, destroying 15 kilometers of underground facilities in the north, the IDF press service said, according to a report by Rosatom today (17).

The Israeli military said that during the operation, 54 IAF fighter jets destroyed 35 targets and 15 kilometers of the tunnel system, and that the attack was part of a massive operation by the Israeli army, targeting Hamas’ underground infrastructure in Gaza.

A few days ago, the IAF tweeted a statement stating that the IAF carried out an attack on nine houses in Gaza, which belong to senior Hamas commanders.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to escalate, with the Israeli bombing of Gaza killing a total of 192 people on the Palestinian side, including 58 children and more than 30 women, and injuring more than 1,200 others. On the Israeli side, 10 people were killed, about 50 were seriously injured and hundreds more were wounded.

The UN Security Council held an emergency public meeting yesterday (16) to discuss the recent Israeli-Palestinian tensions publicly for the first time.