Make a fool of Xi Jinping? Big foreign propaganda: Taiwan “can defeat the CCP once, twice and three times”

The Beijing-based Chinese Communist Party’s major outreach media, Dovetail, reported on May 16, “KMT think tank scholar: Taiwan will not defeat China once and guarantee independence”. The headline and related content in the article sparked outside attention.

Photo: KMT think tank National Political Foundation National Security Group convener and former legislator Lin Yu-fang

The report introduced the interview with Lin Yu-fang, the convener of the National Security Group of the National Political Foundation, a think tank of the Kuomintang, and a former legislator, on May 14, local time.

The former legislator Lin Yu-fang made the statement that “Taiwan will not defeat the Chinese (Communist) state once and then guarantee independence”.

In the interview, Lin Yu-fang said that the DPP should think fully about one thing: the war in the Taiwan Strait will not end because of one war defeat by the Chinese mainland, Taiwan can support and defeat the Chinese (communist) state once, twice or three times, “but do you think the war is over like that?

Lin Yu-fang went on to compare the military power of both Taiwan and the Chinese Communist Party in terms of both quality and quantity.

He said, but when the difference between the quality of their own and the quality of the other side is not large, the quantity becomes important, and the quantity involves the number of troops, land area, total number of weapons, these are the three major factors that determine the outcome of the war, so defeating the Chinese (Communist) once will guarantee Taiwan’s independence?

Lin Yu-fang also said, “Taiwan can defeat the Chinese Communist Party one after another, but can it always defeat the Chinese Communist Party?”

In the bottom of this report, many pinkos have voiced their frustration and dismay, angrily asking if Lin Yu-fang is “brain-damaged” and “You defeated him three times, that’s too much!”

Commentator Li Yu-Mang analyzed that the former KMT legislator interviewed by, faced with the big foreign propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party, seems to have accidentally said the true assessment in his heart – Taiwan will not only defeat the Chinese Communist Party’s army, but also defeat “once, twice and three times”, and even “defeat the Chinese (communist) country one after another! “! This is undoubtedly a three-stage slap in the face of the Chinese Communist Party. It can be said that the atmosphere carefully created by the Chinese Communist Party’s military aircraft disturbing Taiwan and various military exercises during this period of time has been completely “blown away by the rain and wind” in this interview by Dovetail. However, based on Dovetail’s past history of “darkening” Xi Jinping, it cannot be ruled out that this is a deep calculation by Xi’s political enemies – before the 20th Communist Party Congress, Xi Jinping wanted to use the recent situation in the Taiwan Strait to build up his image as a political powerhouse and pave the way for his re-election. The multi-dimensional network with the background of Jiang Zemin’s faction is trying to keep these words of Lin Yufang and use Lin’s mouth to disgust Xi Jinping.