Why did Zhang Guotao not return to the mainland in 1958?

In the 1950s, Zhang Guotao was living in Hong Kong with very little money.

“In 1956, the Chinese Communist Party held the ‘Eighth Congress’, Zhang Guotao studied carefully through newspapers, thinking that the Chinese Communist Party advocated the “Double Hundred” policy and relaxed the policy, Mao Zedong might accommodate him regardless of the past, and with his With his old qualifications, the Chinese Communist Party would at least support him. So he began to look for people in Hong Kong who had connections with the CCP, so that he could convey to the CCP Central Committee his intention to return to the mainland to settle and retire.” [Xiafei, “In his later years, Zhang Guotao made a living by writing his memoirs” The Elder, June 24, 2011]

On hearing this, Mao Zedong criticized in the relevant briefing note: “Zhang Guotao should be advised to sever his ties with the Americans. If this can be done, he may be considered for a personal living allowance.” (Mao Zedong’s Manuscripts Since the Founding of the People’s Republic, Vol. 8, p. 30)

However, Zhang Guotao did not come back. So, why did Zhang Guotao not come back? Was it because he did not cut ties with the Americans? It should not be. Mao really wanted Zhang to come back, can send word, welcome back, no need to set any conditions at all. In Chinese history, at the beginning of a new dynasty, there was often an amnesty. After all, Zhang was one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party.

In fact, when Zhang comes back, will he still have contact with the Americans?

Back then, the former commited war criminal Li Zongren to come back, brought over not worth 30,000 yuan of forgeries, Zhou Enlai was looking for what to do. Mao laughed at Zhou’s pettiness and gave more than 100,000 when he asked, very generous. And neither let Li cut off any contact, nor let him first confess to any crime. But Zhang Guotao wanted to come back, and Chen Duxiu wanted to return to Yan’an, set the conditions.

Why Zhang Guotao did not come back is not that he did not cut any ties with the Americans, which can be analyzed from Zhang Guotao’s statement.

“I used to be an actor, now I’m an audience, I’d better be an audience, I hope to see less tragedy.”

In fact, Zhang Guotao should not be on these words. But these are enough to show: Mao’s demand is specific content, never just “cut off”. Moreover, Zhang Guotao’s “hope to see less tragedy”, obviously has nothing to do with his return or not. It was 1958, the Great Leap Forward at home should be a spectator, Zhang’s tone is in the exhortation.

But Zhang Guotao did not come back, he is still the same person who had held himself in the army and arrogantly looked at Mao Zedong. Mao is not going to forget how he had led his troops to leave without saying goodbye.

Unlike Stalin, Mao did not assassinate his political enemies, unlike the former Soviet Union, which set up a special assassination team to track down Trotsky, and finally the ice axe.

Zhang Guotao originally stayed in Hong Kong. “One day in 1967, neighbors came to tell Yang Zilie that a few days ago, two strangers came here to inquire about Zhang Guotao’s address. Yang Zilie hurriedly told Zhang Guotao about this situation. Zhang Guotao think more and more wrong, his own address in Hong Kong is not advertised to the public, only a few friends and relatives know, how can there be strangers to this area to inquire about his address?”

So Zhang Guotao moved the place. Mao Zedong never assassinated his political enemies, what was Zhang Guotao afraid of? Just like that Donna, Mao and you are “peace for the precious”, the Cultural Revolution also ran far away.

Mao died in 1976 and Zhang Guotao died in Canada in 1979.

Two old rivals who see who died is no longer meaningful. But in 1958 Zhang really came back, will live until 1979? Estimates also have to jump, hang, or throw the lake, you do not choose, the people will also choose. Even Zhu Mao’s “Zhu” once “Black Commander”, even Dong Lao were thrown out of Zhongnanhai, not to mention Zhang Guotao.

On the death of Zhang Guotao, “correct history” a strong propaganda of his death how how tragic.

On the night of December 2, Zhang Guotao turned over in his hospital bed and got his blanket and quilt on the floor, and rang the bell several times to call the nurse but no response. Zhang Guotao only silently endured the torture of the cold ……3 5:00 a.m., Zhang Guotao was already in the deathbed. When he wanted to see his relatives again, there was no one around. When his relatives rushed to the old people’s hospital, Zhang Guotao had already passed away for a long time.”

This is an often quoted description of Zhang Guotao before his death by some people. Since there was no one around Zhang before his death, how can there be “several times ringing the bell to call the nurse” said?

After Zhang Guotao’s death, “Yang Zili told Cai Mengjian. Cai Mengjian told Chiang Ching-kuo through Huang Shaogu. On December 5, 1979, Zhang Guotao was buried in a cemetery in Toronto.”

A CCP traitor who was no longer of much use, Chiang Ching-kuo gave tens of thousands of RMB for burial, not bad. Isn’t it much better than some underground parties who let people censor them as soon as they entered 1949, and kept them on trial until the Cultural Revolution, and tried them until their families were broken? Isn’t it better than Pan Hannian and Yang Fan, or Huang Mulan and Guan Lu?

If he didn’t die in Canada, it would have been worse in China, and he would have lived until 1979?