Brutal! Guangxi, China man hacking arson, three grandchildren killed

A man with a knife set fire to three grandchildren in Guangxi, China, killing them and burning the car of the deceased’s son with gasoline. (Photo taken from Chinese media)

A man surnamed Liao set fire to a car with a knife, killing three people, the grandfather and twin grandchildren. The man surnamed Liao turned himself in to the police the day after the crime, and the case is still pending investigation.

The suspect, surnamed Liao, first cut Zhou with a knife late the night before and then set him on fire with gasoline, after which he walked several hundred meters to the car of Zhou’s son and set it on fire.

Witnesses said that the car fire late at night was quite large, it was too late to put out the fire, not long before the car was burned. After the suspect surnamed Liao still did not stop, and then to Zhou’s home multiple rooms doused with gasoline arson, so that a pair of Zhou about 6, 7-year-old twin grandchildren unfortunately killed.

The suspect surnamed Liao is 49 years old, the next morning after the crime to the police surrendered, still pending detailed investigation. The local people said that his family is poor, has been unmarried and dependent on his 80-year-old mother, suspected of having a dispute with the victims surnamed Zhou.