Houston police: have found the tiger that was roaming around the city earlier this week

Police in Houston, U.S., say they have located the tiger that was roaming the city’s residential neighborhoods earlier this week.

On Monday, city police detained murder defendant Victor Cuevas, who tried to hide from police with a Bengal tiger. Cuevas was previously charged with murder and later released on bail. The man’s neighbors told police they saw a tiger in his yard. Keeping a tiger in the home is prohibited in Houston.

When police arrived at Cuevas’ home, the latter loaded the tiger into his car and fled. Later, the police found Cuevas and took him into custody, but the tiger was nowhere to be found. A video has since emerged on social media showing the tiger roaming around the city’s residential areas.

Police tweeted: “We are pleased to announce that the missing tiger was found in a residential area of Houston last week and appears to be safe and sound. ”

Officer Ron Bozza said police inquired about the whereabouts of the tiger, named “India,” from Cuevas’ wife’s best friend, Gia. Since then, Gia, who is believed by the police to share the tiger with Cuevas, brought it to the police station. The police did not know where the tiger had been during the week. It was found and taken to an animal shelter.